Have any of you ever met a intellect who believes in god? I saw one on TV who is suppose to be a quantum mechanic scientist. I'm not an expert but understanding quantum mechanics would make it imposable to believe in god. They simply can not be combined.

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How much of an "intellect" he was, I am not certain, but I had a customer in the semiconductor industry, a process and test engineer, who was a bible-thumper. Sadly, this was before I was a confirmed atheist and hadn't the weapons to train on his belief. We had a single discussion about the issue before he either left the company or was transferred.

Just as well. How someone can understand P- and N-channel MOSFETs, silicon crystal structure, breakdown, threshold and capacitance tests and believe in a sky-daddy at the same time, I truly do not know!
Their brains are like a partitioned hard drives except one of the partitions is loaded with malware, viruses and Viagra ads.
Hah, very good.
Beautiful analogy!
I'll go further than the article, it should not be taken as a slam on engineers, nor should it be taken to mean that that engineers are not valuable or intelligent, indeed they are necessary for society to progress, but it's not like ALL engineers need to be exceptionally intelligent, many just need to "follow the book" and be extremely process/detailed oriented.

Hopefully you don't need a subscription to read it.

I like how they broke out scientists by stages, Stage One contains the visionaries, those that make the history books and have theorems/processes/inventions named in their honour,but they constitute a minority and are often "eccentric" :D

Most of the people whom we consider exception or very bright, true scholars, are stage 2 or 3 scientists.

You will not find many, if any, believers in stage 1-3, especially in biology, but you will find them in stage 4 as novel thinking is not required, they are the worker bees.
I wonder how our foreign students break down by category (1 - 4 stage, and what their disciplines are).

Asking that question in the UK has gotten quite a few academics into all kinds of trouble :D :D :D

It depends on the student, but yes many foreign students have a tendency to "memorize the book", it depends on the school, how good the instructor is, and how much effort he/she wishes to put into weeding them out. It's not cheating, but the practice is contrary to the spirit of learning.
I think that most intelligent people who believe in God, believe in God in a different way than a self-described "Catholic" or "Protestant" or whatever the case may be. I don't have evidence for this except those people I know who are very intelligent, and whose ideas of "God" don't rely on the Bible, but rather some force-- not necessarily even a "being", that is somehow correlated to our existence.

Doesn't make too much sense to me, but I always try to keep in mind that religiosity isn't always a man with a beard or fictional book.
Interesting, Thanks
I have a lot fewer objections to the idea that there may or may not be a central intelligence to the universe, or something like that, than I do to most organized religions. The gods of organized religion have more claims and the evidence for those claims is not there. A vague, deist type God, though, there are fewer claims about it and therefore the claims haven't been refuted by lack of evidence. I could see how an intelligent person could have beliefs like that.

And, there's always cognitive dissonance!
I find the form of Buddhism to be all I need. There are no gods, no hell and you can pick and chose what part you want to practice. You are suppose to love every one but I have trouble loving people like Bush, Palin,Rush etc. Just be good and respect all living creatures. The meditation has a very calming effect on your mental state.
Yes, I think you're right. Many scientists see a god not as a being but as a force - or The Force (but not in the star wars sense) that governs the workings of the whole universe. But this is just a personification of an inanimate substance or at the most attributing something to matter/energy that just isn't there. The universe/life/all does what it does and that's it.
If there is a god he will be some sort of mathematical formula




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