It never ceases to amaze me how intelligent some animals are...

I stumbled across these two videos on BBC today. I felt I had to share them and see if others have any videos which portray an animals unexpected mental ability.

Here's one of an octopus not only learning to carry something, but learning how to crawl with it, make himself look like a shadow, and use two shells to create a shelter.

And another astounding video of a crow learning to utilise three tools in succession... this one is really cool.

How some people can believe humans are the only intelligent species is beyond me.

So, anyone else have videos of animals doing the unexpected with their minds?

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Ah, yes, almost forgot chimpanzees.

Their close relation to our species might be a pre-indicator to this behaviour...

And to OutlawGirl, I'm far from emo on the notion of conflict, I completely understand it's causes and uses... all too well in fact. But that does not detract the fact that I respect progress through curiosity more than progress through desperation.

Call it a regretful desire. Regretting what I've witnessed and done, and wishing others might have a better conscience. I've done many things myself through forms of conflict, things I am certainly not proud of.
Not sure what Jeff FlyingV meant by his comment, but if he's suggesting I'm being hypocritical, suggesting that I'm not someone to badmouth the aggressive... yeah... he's right. I'm no freaking saint. Not by a LONG shot.
(Not sure exactly what he knows about me, his reply came as kind of a shock)

But I refuse to stop wishing better for future generations than I've experienced.

Seeing other species do something, ANYTHING, without conflict in mind... it brings hope to me, you know?
We speak of hand based technology. How do we know that cetaceans aren't amazing at pure mathematics. And, BTW, some whales were communicating pole-to-pole when we were still eating a jackals leftover leftovers from a lions kill.
I have yet to see another species declare war.
Actually bands of Chimps will go to "war" with neighboring bands - it's a planned group endeavor.
So do meerkats. It's not a primate-only thing.
Whales are known for having funerals.The ones I learned about in class gathered in a circle and the mother who was supporting the dead baby with her nose, dropped the baby and then each whale in the pod came up to her and they touched noses. I saw a video in biology once of a gorilla using a long stick and testing the depth in front of her as she walked into water so she didn't go in deeper then she could handle. There are Tai chimps from the Tai forest in Africa who not only use tools, but store them for later use and teach their youngsters. My collie pup has learned that if he pulls a string around, the kittens will follow him. He picked the string up after watching me play with the kittens with it and he began his own "game"
Animals never cease to amaze me. This is why I HATE the term "dumb animals".
Actually "dumb" can simply refer to the fact that they don't speak. But my video post of Alex shows even that is not true.
Otters open shells by using rocks like a hammer. Ravens can pick locks with their beaks and even use fishing line and hooks if they are given the chance. Pretty cool. I know there exists a film of the ravens I'm thinking of, but I'm not sure where to access it online (or if it even is available online.)
Why use tools when you can lure other species into doing all the work for you?

Honeyguides are named for a remarkable habit seen in one or two species: they guide humans, and possibly other large mammals (such as the Honey Badger) to bee colonies. Once the mammal opens the hive and takes the honey, the bird feeds on the remaining wax and larvae.
this is what actual humanity is. you are talking not achievement of the species you belong to but the other who did remarkable improvement in their intellectual quantity which are considered to be completely out of scope of their logic! this is what is called appreciate life! its wonderful!
live! let other live!

thanks for this post Jhonsky!
You should check out youtube videos on ants. They are very organize The way they build their own colonies(their version of cities) are amazing.
This is the biggest one I ever seen.




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