After reading through some of the posts here  I was wondering how many members here have been brought up in a religion other than Christianity? If you were a part of another religion before being an atheist which one was it? And lastly why is it you left that particular faith?

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I was a christian, then I studied all different kinds of paganism, searching for something that made sense. I thought the older the religion the more truthful it was. (How ludicrous is that?) I was learning a good deal of things from youtube, and I stumbled upon a video from the atheist experience tv show and Matt was destroying a christian so I thought this would be entertaining... it was. Well after seeing a few videos I had to question WHY I believed what I did, and when I honestly answered that my only reason was because I want to I had to abandoned my beliefs that have no justification. I went from monotheism to polytheism to pantheism to atheism. Having rational reasons to believe or disbelieve something is much more satisfying intellectually.
I was basically brought up with no religion - and I'm still a member of that.




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