Interesting article on Lviing as an atheist in a islamic fundamentalist society.

Hello all,

I found an interesting article on about living in Bangladesh as an atheist.

Well worth a read.


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That was very worth reading, and very witty.

Interesting and disturbing, never mind a good reminder of just how easy atheists have it in the States.

Well worth reading. I've never been "shot" at in the US for my disbelief. But, where I live, social and character assassination is alive and well... and very real.

His friend was beheaded and he was shot at because they were encouraging protests demanding the execution of some Islamists on trial for war crimes. So it wasn't just because they were nonbelievers. 

I would not like to live there, though.  Looking at the illustration of "Islamic Extremists Really Hate Heavy Metal", I do not want to live around that loud insane and very hairy certainty. 

I hope the blogger gets to stay in the USA.  Maybe he'll find a nice atheist woman to marry - either for real, or just so he can stay here. 




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