You have just won an all expense paid vacation(anywhere you want to go) that will last one week.The catch is  you will not remember any of it. would you go?



 would you answer the question the same way if you "knew" there was an afterlife?


do you think it could be considered unethical to take the trip considering you will use valuable resources that could go to a better cause?(eg feeding hungry kids)


What do you think about the parallel between this hypothetical vacation and you life. (you will have no memory of both and so on)






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I'm going to have to go with no. If I don't remember it there isn't any value in it for me. However if I get to have photos and videos of my lost week then it wont be much different than those nights in Vegas or Seoul that I can't remember. (Those are some funny pictures by the way.)

I don't know where starving children come into play with my vacation time. I personally could donate everything that I don't use and there would still be starving children in the world. It would be nice if such an example would compel others to do the same, but that is not the world we live in. Anyway I don't have much to give away and you never know when you will need that little extra. I also want to retire, then I can devote all that free time to fixing the problems of the world without being bothered with that pesky cost of living crap.

For the most part I remember my life. When I die there will be nothing so I don't see the point. If you are saying that people will not remember my life I see on problem with this either. That is the state which most people pass into when they die. Your immediate family and friends may remember you for a time, but that will pass too. If this worries you, do something amazing and hope that history records it correctly.

Not much different from experiencing a really cool dream that you're unable to remember upon waking.

(except perhaps you can remember it being awesome, but can't remember any details).


It's sharp and vivid as you experience the dream, but upon waking it fades from memory or vanishes beyond your ability to recall it.


Live well, do right by others, hope that you'll be fondly remembered by those you leave behind.  That's the best any of us can hope for, I think.


I think I see where you are going w this lee. Carried to its conclusion it leads to a conclusion that maybe we ought to simply die so as to make room for others And I donot think I am at all willing to go that far.

Here is one for you tho. I live in N.O. and after Katrina quite a few people actually did use their vacation time to come down here and do volunteer work, so as to help out w our huge ass disaster. If they totaly forgot their entire experience I would say that vacation was still of value for all of us here down in N.O.

One can live ones life so that it has a similar impact on everything left behind.

Also, tho I am totaly unable to justify it very well at present, I am thinking that I would think it is worth it just for its own sake even if one hasn't been of great service to others. If I could, I would go back to Thailand. I had a blast. Tho huge portions of it have been forgotten.

Thanks for your reply paul.


"Carried to its conclusion it leads to a conclusion that maybe we ought to simply die so as to make room for others"   this is not what i am saying after all if you made room for more people they would suffer from the same dilemma.


the reason i asked the question is mostly because i find any answer illogical in some way.


you did come up with a solution i had not thought of though. which is helping others on your vacation can make it worth while.



Thanks again for your thoughts.



Hell, I can't remember what happen last week - but I think I probably enjoyed it.

Absolutely, I would take the vacation!  Fun is fun; might as well enjoy what I can while I'm here!


I'm not sure why knowing there was an afterlife would affect my decision.  It's been so long since I actually DID believe such a thing, it's hard for me to judge.  I'm pretty sure I would still do it.


No, it would not be unethical.  That money was set aside for the prize; it was never going to go to hungry kids.  Now, if I won the prize and could choose between the vacation and feeding the children, yes, I think choosing the trip would be unethical.


I don't think this really equates to my life.  There will be no "me" after my life to be around to "not remember".  However, I do choose to have a good time while I'm here so in that regard, yeah, I like vacation. 

Whatever technology they use to remove the memory of the vacation, could they also remove the memories of my ex while they're at it? XDD


I think I would still go. I see no reason not to have an experience simply because I won't remember it. It will be great at the time, regardless. And I don't think an afterlife would change that. I like the idea of actually living somewhat in the moment, not always waiting for tomorrow.


I do not see it unethical to take a trip. If I were to be made to feel guilty, I'd volunteer my time with some cause or other. It seems unfair that I should be made to feel guilty for enjoying myself because someone else doesn't get the opportunity. If that's how another feels, they can always go play Mother Teresa.


And you lost me on the third question, unless you're referring to reincarnation. I don't see a point to it if you can't remember, but enjoy what you can get. Just don't expect to learn any kind of lessons.

Sure. I won't remember my life when I'm dead but that doesn't mean it isn't worth living, either for me or others.


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