Interesting Quote regarding "Opposite of spirituality is not being a non-believer..."

"The opposite of being spiritual is not being a non-believer— the opposite of being spiritual is being dead to

life—not wanting anything, not hoping anything, not enduring anything, just distracting ourselves in order to get

through the day. We all go through times like this, of course. We all have our demons. This is suffering of the spirit."

I read this quote today while doing some research and I felt it was a very thought provoking statement.   Sometimes being an atheist I have to watch myself because it is all too easy I think, especially to those of us that were brought up with even a somewhat religious background, to start feeling that because there isn't a God, or angels, or a Judeo/Christian "heaven", that so much of what used to be "mystery" in life has now been explained by science (which I'm not saying is a bad thing at all), etc etc., that there's little "point" in life and to become the kind of person that this passage describes, to feel like because we and existence of the earth and all living things are more than likely just some sort of cosmic "accident" that there really is no purpose, meaning, or point to life.  

As an agnostic atheist, I believe that we as individuals make our own meaning and purpose in life, but that doesn't mean that there IS no meaning or purpose in life, or rather I guess I should say, that we shouldn't MAKE some meaning and purpose in our life.  I also don't believe that just because there is no supernatural theistic deity out there that made everything and controls everything that we shouldn't, as human beings, join together for a common purpose, for the good of humanity as a whole and that although it is very unlikely that humanity will ever completely band together and sing "kumbuya" or anything, that it's a waste of time to try to get as many members of the human race to live in harmony and peace as possible. 

Sometimes the attitudes of some atheists kind of rub me the wrong way.  It's not their certainty that there is no God and all that  as I am just as certain (though I don't think it can be proven hence the agnostic atheist label I give myself), it's sometimes that attitude of superiority some have I guess.  Yes, perhaps in rational thinking and scientific knowledge the atheists with this attitude are superior, but the catholic down the street is still just as human as they are.  Sometimes it's the attitude I've run into that religious people can't be "good" people (which I know from my own relationships with religious people is wrong) or that because religious people believe in their God or Gods, that they must be completely stupid and idiotic in every other aspect of their life.  Hey, if I know a really great cancer doctor that has a high success rate of treating patients but happens to be a theist, I'm going to him if I ever get cancer.  I don't give a crap that he believes in God, he's very SMART about treating cancer!  

I guess I just found this quote thought provoking and was interested in sharing my take on it and see what others think.

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