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This is a good example of why faith in any religion leads to lack of thought and action to solve a problem or resolve a conflict. "Jesus, why do you allow this to happen?" really means why do I allow this to happen? It places the responsibility for effective and efficient action outside oneself and enables a person to not get started. Blame has no utility. Finding responsibility does. 

Like i have been saying for awhile. things don't just happen you have to make them happen.

Joan you're correct. What most people who see this drawing won't understand is that the young man is simply talking to himself, and looking to abrogate his responsibility.

listening to their imaginary friend.

Coincidentally, it sorta gives a left-handed correlation to the study recently done which confirmed that, when someone is asked, What Would Jesus Do, you might as well ask, what would YOU do?  Can't say I'm surprised.




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