Hi I am new here and this may sound strange but does anybody believe in interaith among the different religious groups? I like podcasts from the Frredom Religion Foundation and another one called State of Belief by Welton Gaddy, a Baptist minister from LA. He is very progressive supports gay rights, abortion etc.... He is often a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. He has had humanists and freethinkers on his show. The website is interfaithalliance.org. Check it out.

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I'm involved with interfaith work, too.

I have been obsessing about interfaith for about 6 months now and I'm anxious to get some kind of dialogue going locally. I don't have much interest in the FFRF and have not listened to the podcast in nearly a year. Welton Gaddy has been a hero of mine for a few years now and I listen to his podcast religiously. I love his spirit, but I don't think his approach to interfaith is optimal.

Do y'all think we should create an interfaith group here at the nexus?

Yes,I would like us to at least have a dialogue with other groups. I don't like it when we appear as anti Christian. Separation of church/state is important to me and to have them on our side helps. I am doing this on my phone, won't have access to my computer till tomorrow night, or would write more.

For what it's worth, an interfaith group on Nexus would be difficult due to the requirement that members be nonbeleivers.  There have been discussion of not requiring "nonfaith" in the past, but the trolling can be and was  insufferable.  

Unfortunately, while "dialog" sounds nice, it turns into dueling monologues.  As I understand it, a major purpose of Nexus is to have a safe place to build community among nonbelievers.  Opening Nexus to the "faithful" would be an instant exit for some, including me.

I hear religion at work regularly, almost every day.  I get on here for some sanity.

A separate interfaith Ning group, or similar, if not already existing, could be an option.  

I agree that there is no reason to think that actual interfaith dialogue would take place on the nexus. We could, however, form a support group, a place where we could bounce ideas off of each other so we could be more effective in interfaith work in more appropriate areas.

Hey guys, I wasn't even thinking of letting Xtians on our site, just trying to get more people to listen to the radio/podcast or go to the website, or similar ones like religion news service. Years ago I joined an open Muslim discussion site that I heard about, neglect to

o go back

Compare and contrast: interfaith, interhealth-care, and inter-quackery.

Yeah, that's a lot to ask but maybe we can have fun with it.

A lot of atheists avoid interfaith because it is often an attempt at lowest common denominator faith. Atheists do well to avoid that trap. Communication, without the need to "agree", will help to eliminate fear and build trust. We sure as hell could stand to be trusted a little more.

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