Hi all,

My name's Chris. I'm a relatively recent deconvert to atheism, this last February. Grew up in a Christian household, went to a Christian middle school and high school, attended a Christian college, intended to be a minister, and then gave it all up because it didn't make a lick of sense.

Nice to be here. =)

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"...intended to be a minister..."

That seems to be a common route to this group. Welcome!
Yes, I hear my story is not unique. You'd think denominations would be given pause if so many of their ministerial students give it up for the sake of atheism.
Yes. Really, really sucked. I had actually intended to get a Divinity degree after college. Wouldn't even have been studying philosophy or pure theology; it would've been things like the business side of church and theological counseling and ick ick ick.

I escaped with a philosophy degree that emphasized philosophical theology. Not exactly a mortal wound, as far as education goes.




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