Hello fellow unbelievers, all of you heathens who will burn in hell, even though god doesnt understand that all along we just wanted a tan and not to literally burn!

I live in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. My country is about 98% Catholic I believe, which has made it rather "difficult" to live on as a proclaimed atheist. I have found it easier to say I am a strong agnostic, even though deep down I am a stron atheist. Some dont figure that the only honest part was the strong, and not the agnostic. ;)

Well I like long walks on the beach, and staring at sunsets till my eyes burn (a preperation for hell)... oh wait sorry, wrong site ;). I apologize for not having a proper pic of myself but I recently lost all my information on my PC, due to a little mishappen (tried to install w7, did it, wont work well with my hardwawre, reinstalled XP, accidentally wiped hard drive clean). I could say I am an epsitemologist, since I find myself constatly asking philosophical questions, in pursuit of knowledge. I also have extreme caution when talking about "truth", since the only things that one may very confidently argue are true are the speed of light, gravity, electricy and magnetism (I may miss some things in there).

I have been raised agnostic (although my parents are atheist, I say being raised agnostic because I never knew of the existence of any god nor was I told that such did not exist), but I believe that even if I had not I would´ve wind up an atheist either way. Mainly due to me being very assertive, science-loving and based purely on reason and logic (although I many times end up being too cold, good thing hell will warm me up). As part of the philosophy that I have created for myself, I´d say that being an atheist has played a mayor role in it.

on the matter of tastes, the thing I like the most is music. I am a fan of the progressive genre, with my favorite bands being marillion, gentle giant, dream theater and porcupine tree. I also like computing a lot, and have found myself learning several programming languages (java, flash, and I am currently on XNA). I also love physics and I am even considering studying physics as a PhD. but I have yet to get into that part of school.

BTW I am 17 years old. And please dont think of me as a child, for I ensure you I am much more mature than you believe, yet I will always be a childish, because it is when one stops playing around that life tends to get boring. I want my life to keep on going as interesting as it sure has been (and by interesting I mean full of obstacles and socially frustrating, due to people shutting me off because I am an atheist).

Have you got any thing you want to know about me, and I mean ANYTHING ::wink:: ;) just ask,

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Thanks XD, I hope I do have fun!!!
Bienvenido! Pásale paisano.
Welcome Gustavo. Just to clear a few things up, the speed of light can be slowed down considerably by shooting photons through something called a Bose-Einstein Condensate (which I don't really understand, but I gather it's something like quantum Jell-O), nobody really has a handle on gravity, and hell is apparently not some kind of tropical resort, though I admire your thinking on the subject. Electromagnetism is more or less pinned down, though.

Bummer about accidentally wiping your hard drive. I think I read somewhere that you're supposed to back up your disk prior to upgrading the OS, but I don't really know what that means. Probably some kind of superstitious good luck ritual. I've never seen anybody do it, though.
As you, clearing things up:

With gravity, I do know no one does know why gravity is gravity, but it is certain that if you drop anything, it will fall. it will most certainly not go "upwards". If it does, it just means it is actually falling falling "upwards" because of your point of view. But you are right on the thing about light, I should have said the speed of light in the vacuum. But mainly I mentioned gravity and electromagnetism as they are laws of physics (a.k.a. not theories) and the speed of light (in vacuum) as it is the only true constant known to mankind.

And about upgrading to the OS, you dont actually have to make a backup, since the install of w7 keeps your old files archived in a folder called old windows or something like it. And I did back it up, but then realized I had missed backing up all my pictures. Which are also in another computer, but I do not have access to it. It was reinstalling XP that did erase my disk, since to restore my pc to its XP OS I had to get my hard drive to its factory state. That is because I do not have in my possesion the actual disks needed to only install Windows XP. So restoring to factory state erases all of your data, which is not necesarily bad, since it gets rid of any malware and doing a clean install of the OS may get it rid of most problems your OS may have (unless the problem is it is a faulty OS in default). But rest assured, only data that I can actually get back was erased, only important and unrecoverable data was backed up, since my drive was about 120GB and did not want to back it up all. still I managed to back up about 30GB in my only mean of backingup: DVDs.

What I do not understand is you saying that hell is not a tropical resort ??? XD jk, I was actually fooling around and making fun of it. I guess I was thinking in spanish: the sun burns, hell burns too (supposedly), so I figure, if you can get a tan with the sun, so you can in hell. But you got to be cautious, dont get burnt in hell! But yea, it was a joke... sorry if it looked like I actually meant it.

Actually, Gus, I was just fooling around myself. Sorry if I was too subtle.

"Up" is a funny concept. In most situations we encounter, "up" is defined by gravity. In the absence of gravity, "up" appears to be defined by which way your head is pointing.

I'm glad you have copies of the important stuff from your disk, even if you can't get to them at the moment. I once lost a year and a half of email. All those pearls of wisdom, gone forever. Oh, well.

As to Hell as Tropical Resort(TM), I figured you were joking, and I quite like that interpretation. I'd rather work on my tan in hell than spend all day in heaven telling God how cool he is. Man, he must be really insecure.
Yea sorry, I guess I didnt quite understood that you were actually fooling around!

I understand your pearls getting lost! I once had in my laptop a bunch of important school work and all of the sudden my laptop´s hard drive stopped working, I got a new one but I was never able to recover all the lost work. Good thing is I still managed to deliver the papers and didnt get any bad grades (or I dont recall any XD).
Welcome to A|N, Gustavo!


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