So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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Good for you Chris! I wish I had the will power to quit :(
Thx for the invite! The bad news first.  I can't eat any thing that tastes good. The good news, I only hvae to eat a few grams. ;-) I'll be having a coffee and a salad.

Favorite food...definitely homemade deer jerky. That stuff has to be homemade, by me, and then it always has to be preciously squirreled away so I have some more than two days later--that stuff is always gone within 48 hours. I also made like 4 batches before a trip to visit family in Florida and NONE of it made it back--we nibbled in the car, gave some to relatives, had it before a main meal for christmas(along with chips and dip--the gallon bags of it were passed around the room).

For a meal-food, I'll choose steak--I know it's cliche but I'm good at making it and I'm good at grilling it. I can also make killer ribs. If I have leftover steak I always slice it, heat it up, and make a steak sandwich with some crusty French bread.

Favorite drink: I'll go with cold-brewed coffee, the monster java in Mean Bean, and the baja blast at taco bell. Cold-brewed coffee is my new love--it's a cup and a half of water, 1/3rd a cup of coarse-ground coffee(double or triple recipe as needed), put into a mason or other glass jar, shake well--leave overnight in fridge or on counter, then strain out the water-soaked grounds using a sieve and coffee filters--you may have to strain a few times, but ALL the glorious caffeine and coffee smell will be there, you can even heat it up with a cup of boiling water mixed in, but NONE of the bitterness will be present--which was my main problem with coffee. I used a cheap and plain starbucks coffee to make  my last batch. All it needed was a little sugar, when I normally have to add a ton of sugar and milk to cover up the bitterness. The Monster Java is sort of the same taste--but with tons of caffiene. The baja blast soda at taco bell is just hard to get--it's the only thing I get every time I order from there, which is like once a month.

FYI, don't get me started on food. I'm an excellent cook and right now I'm passing on secrets to two guy friends who are just now having to live alone and cook for themselves.

Neat! I'd heard of sun tea but never of cold brewed coffee.

*huge fan of baja blast* i wonder if they sell kegs online?

Ooo ooo, mail me some recipies would ya? I live alone and love to cook but lack the imagination.
I´m Chris. You´ll find me with a book, some cats and a glass of tapwater.

Hell-O guys! I'm Hazel. If it's the weekdays, I'd be chuggin' lemon iced tea and munching on my favorite tuna sandwich with tons of horseradish. Weekends, I'll be chillin' with beer and pizza watching horror movies or listening to old country greats like Willie Nelson, or Johnny Cash.

Thanks again for the invite, Ruth! More power! :)

Hi everyone!

I'm Kathleen, and weekdays I'm chugging coffee in the morning, diet soda all afternoon and lite beer at night. Always have my kindle firmly attached (am totally addicted). My current food obsession is PB&J and I'm an ice cruncher.

In true Pirate fashion I'd have either a bottle of rum (something dark and spiced preferably) or a tall tankard of (ahem, pale) ale!

Food:  to quote the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz "One man's sushi is another man's fish bait"...  If that's true then I'll take a plate full o fish bait please and don't skimp on the wasabi.


Pleasure to make your acquaintance, one and all, and may each and every one of ye blaggards be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

His Noodly Appengage HAS touched me - or was it this rum and O.J? Does anyone know of a good NO WHEAT beer?  I hate to give the stuff up but must avoid wheat gluten.




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