So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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Ah yes! Crumpets! What about malt loaf, also with lots of butter on top?
Along with all this food and drink, a little nostalgia. Radio comedy with "I'm sorry I'll read that again" "Round the Horne" "The Navy Lark" and others. Fond memories of childhood  Sunday afternoons when I laughed myself to tears. I listen again now online via BBC radio 4 Extra.

Good Old British nostalgia! What about the Goon Show, I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue, Just a minute etc. Priceless wit.

As for food... the same nostalgia takes me to my Welsh Grandmother cutting fresh brown bread in that characteristic welsh valley way, salted butter and caephilly cheese, school dinners in Scotland of lamb mince pies and chips, cream teas at The Orchard in Grantchester in the footsteps of Rupert Brooke.

Indeed. All the radio shows to be found online. You Tube even has a film of one Goon Show.

Had a Welsh girlfriend for a few years and enjoyed lavabread when visiting Neath. Have just remembered childhood Sunday teas when the shellfish man came calling. Picked winkles with a pin and thought they tasted like salty bogies. Try now to get at least one portion of jellied eels when I visit England (London and Essex).

Is there a literary equivalent of an earworm? Ever since I read


Picked winkles tasted like salty bogies


It's stuck in my head.

If only I could write poetry that had the same effect!
Dude! You'd control the world.
I'm Sharon.  Coffee is my favorite social drink.  My favorite food, well that's a bit tougher.  I go thru phases.  I lean toward a spartan diet, as nothing really excites me.  I guess beef is a guilty pleasure, eaten rarely.  I lost my ability to be discerning when I started grad school.
I know how grad school can affect you, Sharon. I'd always had good penmanship. Then I took this grad course which mentioned "writing emphasis" in the description. There was so much writing that, under the stress, my penmanship permanently deteriorated. My signature has never been the same.
Hi, I'm Paul. Sorry I haven't introduced myself before this but my internet has been down and it's just too hard to type long emails on my phone. I was really glad to receive the invitation to this group. I'm a musician (I play viola and write/arrange music) and help my wife run a small Suzuki Violin studio (she teaches and I take care of business). I'm a foodie and love to cook so it's hard to choose one favorite food (though it's probably some kind of seafood... oh, wait... chocolate) and I drink water or tea most of the time. However, if you ask me about my fav potent potable that would be absinthe... love the green fairy!

Hi everyone! I'm brand new here, just trying to feel my way around. Considering how I get beat up on every time I post anything about atheism on Facebook, I'm glad to be among my own kind here!


As for my favorite food and drink? My favorite food is dill pickles. (Really! Look at my profile!) I have always loved sour stuff, ever since I was a baby and would suck on lemons and limes. But dill pickles are the best! (Preferably Best Maid brand.) After that....cheese. Lots of cheese. Cheese enchiladas, quesadillas, cheese dip...Mexican food is my favorite type of food, which is good, because we have lots of it here in Texas! (I'm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.) My favorite drink? Coca-Cola without a doubt. It is the greatest thing on earth! Though if I'm going for alcohol, I also love champagne, Riesling, Prosecco, and Crown & Coke!


Great to be here!

Welcome, Julie. It is good to be among like-minded people now and then although personally I can live without most kinds of cheese. Here in Denmark the cheese is particularly repulsive and should be banned as a bio-weapon.





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