Hi   I am new to this website and  also new  to Atheism......I was born and raised  Jewish  and  had my Bar Mitzvah  at age  13....I had to learn Hebrew  for it so went to Hebrew  school from age  6 to age 13......Since  I was  young I just  accepted  everything as something  I was required  to do....However  as I matured  I had  more and more questions and the people of my faith were  not  convincing when trying  to explain things...So for many  years  I just  went to synagogue because  I was  supposed  to  especially on the High Holy days ...Recently  I made  the decision to actually check into  Atheism  and Humanism and  sent  for some  books  on the subject.....It felt like  the books  were written  just for me..They touched  on most if not all my questions  and  actually  answered  them  convincingly...So now  I am  out of the closet and  very  content for once...and do  not have  to fake believing in a god  anymore....Finding  websites  like  this is very  comforting for I can now  discuss  my feelings with like minded  people...I am looking  forward  to  many  discussions  and  debates  with  my fellow members....Yours truly....Freethinker 31 ...

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Glad you fell in, Freethinker, and welcome to Atheist Nexus!

While I am not formerly Jewish as you are, I have heard this and that about "secular Jews," who remain into the culture while abjuring the religious aspects of Judaism.  I'd be curious to hear your take on that.

So would I. I know people who find Humanistic Judaism a good fit; here in Philadelphia some six active secular Jewish groups come together for large, absolutely nontheistic High Holiday celebrations that mix new and adapted old "liturgy", and that I find meaningful.

(Then there are also people who were raised Jewish, and who find no use for secular Judaism.)

Perhaps worth checking out: Judith Seid's book God-Optional Judaism. (It's actually rather strongly "spook-free", more than the title suggests!)

Shalom, Freethinker. It took me many years to find that the sacred writings were static and truth was only in logic, reason, and evidence. JHVH is simply useless unpronounable letters in an ancient manuscript. No, I was not Jewish. I was Pentecostal. Today I am atheist.




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