This is always the hard part as I never know quite what to say.

Here goes,

Hello everybody.I'm a 23 year old Irish girl of no faith despite it being drilled into me by the catholic school system. I have a 3year old daughter and find it very hard bringing her up an atheist in such a catholic dominated culture, even the schools around here are all catholic schools. The accept 'other religions' but frown upon me when I reply none. The response is always the same 'we'll let you know'. I don't want my daughters lack of religion to have negative impact on her education but I'm not getting her baptised just to get her into good schools.


A lot of my friends are 'atheists' but have gotten their children baptised 'for the family', 'for school' or 'for the party'. I'm the only one who seems to have an unbaptised child and people still ask me ''whens the baptism?''. Nobody gets the she will NEVER be baptised into that church.


It's ok to be athiest over here as long as you've made your communion, confirmation and are over 16. Any younger and it's 'evil'. Saying things like ''she'll feel left out when all the girls are making their communion''. Makes me so angry. I just wish people would stop using baptism as a 'convenience'


Sorry rant over!

Hello again!

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Hi Niamh.  Welcome to the group.  I, too, was raised in the catholic church, and as young child was a "Knight of the Altar."  Never was molested.  The only thing I can figure is that I must have been the ugly one in the group (real possibility).  Had some pressure to have my children baptized, but since their mother is jewish, my response to my family was, "Right after the bar mitzvah."  To her family, it was, "Right after the baptism."  They quickly dropped the subject.  Turns out my children grew up healthy, balanced, adjusted, and pretty darned smart - even if I do say so myself.  Sounds to me like you're doing the right thing by taking a principled stand for your daughter.  More power to you!
Hello Niamh!  Nice to have you here.  Welcome to the site.
Welcome, Niamh!  This website is super user-friendly and besides the forum there are lots of groups.  See you around!


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