I am new on Atheist Nexus, and since i joyfully and interested sniffing around in forums, groups, blogs and the chat, i thought a proper introduction would be good.

My name is Rosita, and i am 25 years old. Even though i might have lived a life worth of 80 years in experience, so age shouldnt matter. I live in the beautiful, very small, but famous for its freedom, country named the Netherlands. In case you dont know where this is.. it is that small dot next to Germany, Belgium, France, England on the map.

I grew up in a fundamentalist christian family. My great grand father was one of the people who founded the first "Church of brotherhood / Counsil of believers / Darbist church" or whatever labels the very small and narrow minded church had. A small community where everyone was my aunt or uncle. But growing up in the Netherlands my parents didnt succeed the way their parents did to keep me in this sektarian like community, and i grew up in an atheist neighbourhood and school also. Because of this i was a very confused child, and i needed and wanted answers. So i sticked my head into books, movies, and my own surroundings and developed myself in that way. At the age of 17 i have had many many dissapointments in human beings. At this age i sadly converted myself to christianity in the old community i had abandonded at the age of twelve. This lasted two years. I couldnt believe that this was something that should be connected to a God. And i went the whole opposite site, shocking my surroundings by going to parties, drinking and using drugs. At the age of 21 this all went wrong, and i collapsed. It was then that i sadly again returned to christianity, but this time not the old strict surroundings i grew up in, but the hysterical world of baptist and evangelical believing system. I became an christian extremist, avoiding all the possible evil in the world. Didnt listen to music, didnt watch tv and studied bible every day. I became a youth leader and street evangelist. In my holidays i was preaching in the summer church on festivals.

It was because of my studies in psychology, my work surroundings involving abused children, psychiatry and later mentally disabled people. But also the struggle on my best homosexual christian friend, the weird systems of church and my new friendships with muslims and atheists, and suddenly the whole religious system didnt make sense anymore. I became to question it, following by not being allowed to be a youth leader again, losing some of my best friends. And so i studied more, and more and more..... and after a battle of two years i finnaly could say.. Maybe a God.. (i dont believe in God anymore, maybe as in energy or in love) but the bible? No way... Christianity? Maybe a some kind of good moral living vieuw.. but No.. There is more than one truth, and the truth is not found here. And so i left.. at the age of 24 i began to "come out" as an atheist.. my family struggles with it, but accepts it. Now, one year later i want to enlarge my world even more, and share the road i have walked. This is a brief history ofcourse, but there was more going on behind these letters. But for now i think it is a nice short explenatation on how i got here.

I really hope to make some connections here with people around the world sharing the same vieuws.

Much greetings, Rosita

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Hello, Rosita!  Greets and welcome to Atheist Nexus.  Have seen you here and there and hope to see and hear more of your thoughts.

Please enjoy yourself here!

Hi Rosie! :D 

Hi Rosita. Welcome to Atheist Nexus. Your story sounds a lot like mine but it took me almost 66 years to break away from the lies about gods and religion. In the end there is just no evidence. We hope to see and hear more of you. Feel free to blog or ask questions.

Welcome aboard Rosita!!!!  :-D~

Hope you have a fun time here (on A/N and there as well).

I did the Pentecostal street preaching thing for a time, until a spectator pointed out that I didn't sound convinced of what I was preaching and indeed after some thought, I found her correct.

I then played a sting/prank on my church which also proved that I was being conned, so I left immediately.

That was at age 21, and I returned to my childhood open mindedness, or in other words non-belief which religious people named atheism, for derogatory reasons, but, we now bear this term with pride as a sign of disrespect to them for giving us the label in the first place.

Though it appears that indeed you had a rougher time of it than I.

Hope that you find smoother sailing ahead.

I don't have authority to give anybody orders,

But I will give you an order anyway.

Have lots of FUN!


Yes, I can.

I thought it was real for a short time, until I realized how they got me to do it, by saying Alleluia repeatedly until I became tongue tied and then I started to babble, (glossolalia).

So I found I can do it any time and even sing in tongues.

So to test my abilities, after  I left the Revival movement, I entered another Pentecostal church and babbled to see if they would accept me and I was instantly accepted as a brother.

What proved to me that tongue speaking is fraudulent and an illusion is that the Revivalist church had a pastor who supposedly was granted the gift of interpretation of tongues by the holy spirit.  So I tested his ability out:  I made up some lies about myself, like got a job, a girlfriend and found somewhere to live (I was a street urchin at the time) and told those the church had planted on me as my so called friends.  These churches deliberately push members to pretend to be your friend, to keep you in line with the faith.

This was after that spectator made me realize I didn't believe in what I was preaching to them.

I also contrived my tongue speaking, I deliberately faked it, by mixing fruit and several swear words ( filled it up with the 'F' and 'C' words ) just so I knew it really wasn't my soul communicating with god.  

The result: He interpreted my tongue speak as: "Praise the lord, thank you for finding me a place to live, a job and my great girlfriend".  

So I knew where he got his information and that the whole thing was fraudulent.

I got up, told them all to get F#%8 and stormed out the door in disgust.

A week later they pleaded with me to come back to the fold.

Probably because they had no other preachers who could attract girls into the fold as I could.  

They were trying to use me for my appeal to girls, in other words trying to use sexual attraction to rope in members, just like the "Children Of god" mob were criticized for at the time.

I again told them where to go in absolutely certain terms.

I also burned nice big Bible they presented me with for doing their Theology classes.

Yet, I couldn't burn the nice gold plated leather cover, it now adorns my Electronics Bible.

Which confused some Mormons when they grabbed it to make a point about scripture at me, and they were upset when they couldn't find the scripture in my electronics textbook.


I've been an Anti-Theist (real Atheist) ever since that time (late 70s).


Thanks, as you probably know, the purpose of the instant friends you get when you join such groups as Pentecostal, Mormon and Jehovah Witness sects is to spy on you.  This was another factor that turned me to seek reason, as such tactics are indeed fraudulent.

Aye M8!

That is true, Dyslexic D. My longtime theist friend is spying on me. He knows something is different and would love to prove I am atheist now. He engages me in totally stupid "god" conversations. Him and another theist made sure that I lost my security job. He called it "politics." I call it all backstabbing in the name of god. Friends are few anyway, but an atheist has fewer friends.

These insights show you what the religious are really like. Beware!

I joined a community group called "The Men's Shed" where men from all walks of life join together to do Stuff, or just drink coffee.

They have a shed full of tools donated by the community and groups like "Lions", "Rotary" and the Police (who donated us our security system" and the "Fire Brigade" who jointly donated us a $3000 defribulator.

Through this group I have many friends and some of us love atheistic and anti-religious humor.

I set up the computers and we all sit to watch Bill Maher, Dave Allen, etc.. taking the micky out of religion.

They love Bill Maher.

Bill is like an American version of Australia's late Graham Kennedy.  

Though with a different gender preference.





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