Good evening fellow atheist friends!


I joined this site on suggestion of a friend. So far it looks pretty interesting. I'm always looking for good atheist news resources since I own/write a blog.


I live in Lynchburg, Virginia - home of Liberty University... probably one of the least (or most) fun places to be an atheist... I guess it depends on how you look at it!



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My number one news source, although its not really much about religion or a lack thereof, is It will occassionally have an article that deals with religion or atheism, but it mostly is an excellent research for science breakthroughs happening all over the world, if you're interrested in keeping track of that sort of thing. They usually post several dozen new articles a day, and are very thorough. I have found no other website that has many articles that this one misses, so I always recommend it to anyone looking for a good news source.


I also recommend for a daily dose of humor - and there are some very interresting and funny articles about religion on this site.

Yeah. I like both of those as well.
Welcome to the site dude. It is nice to be able to come here in a mostly theist world.
I like - the articles are well-written and they're very humorous.

I am checking out now!

Thanks guys!




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