Hello Everyone!

I just signed up for this forum and figured I would introduce myself. While I knew of this forum before I didn't come here until after some one suggested it. It started with a conversation on Match.com (despite me thinking it was not worth my time or money pass the free trial I responded to a friend's repeated suggestion that I try the dating sight out). The site matched me with a lot of women looking for godly men and women that  are looking for men of faith (made me feel like the sight should be called "mismatch.com"). After the series of overly religious matches I finally did a search for atheist and agnostic women in my area (there were 7 in my age range in my  geography). I asked her how Match.com was working for her and she told me it really wasn't. In the conversation she mentioned this site and a few others as far as finding other non-theistic people in the area. So here I am!

As for my background, I am a male almost in my mid thirties working as a Software Engineer. I grew up in a southern baptist area, though when I in the phase of my life when I still claimed a religion I never identified with a specific denomination. Mom was extremely religious. Dad was a moderate. My siblings and I had interesting childhoods. 

I never was comfortable with several aspects of the bible; such as Yahweh's tendency to kill people for standing in the wrong area or being born into the wrong family or having been lied to. I also was bothered by the fact that my family was Christian because it was the religion that had been forced on our ancestors. After I got out of my family's house (for college) I decided to find some new justification for continuing to be Christian. I was confident I would find plenty but had also decided to take into consideration information that also went against what was then my desired conclusion. At the end of my studying, interviewing others, and self reflection I found nothing that convinced me that Christianity was in any way factual. I identified advantages to the religion (such as staying in the social in-group) but nothing that convinced me it had any substance. 

I'm selectively "out" to my friends and associates. My close friends know. My religious employers don't. Of my three siblings two of them have also become non-religious while one maintains some form of heterodoxical Christianity. 

I think I've typed enough for now. I'm looking forward to having good conversation in this forum in the future. 

Hello to all!

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not that i've had any success on it yet, but you may want to try Plenty Of Fish.com (pof.com).  it's totally free and i see a lot of women listed as Non-Religious. 

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