My name is Jon Bova, an independent film maker located in Baltimore, Maryland. My sister is actually the one who recommended this site to me, to network with others of similar beliefs during research for my next film, which is a documentary about religion. I look forward to reading into the forums, and getting some nice information from you guys. Thank you! :)



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Hello Jon Fellow Newbie here. Nicee to meet U

Will you post your movie on this site?

What are you researching right now?


Sorry about the delayed response, was in the process of moving, so it's been a while. When the movie is complete, I will do my best to at least send a link to the movie. Currently I am in the fund raising and research phase. From the way it looks now, it won't be for another year until I can begin filming. Right now, I am researching american cults, and less mainstream religions. I've actually just started a blog called "War on Atheism". It can be viewed at - There is really going to be the backbone to my film. I will be blogging almost every day on topics that will be featured in the film. I'll also be gathering comments from subscribers in my notes, to further research certain topics. Hopefully, through blogging, I'll interest at least a few people to invest in my film ;)


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