Hi, I am Silvia and everybody calls me Sil...I am an Atheist since EVER...in fact, I was born into an Atheist family.

I was born in Argentina and for the last 33 years I live in USA.

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Argentinian atheist? Very cool! Welcome!

Hoo Hoo HOO!  Argentinian Atheists are amazing and alliterative additions at Athest-Nexus!

Greets and salutes, Sil!

Thanks, guys...

My friends in Argentina tell me Atheism is growing over there. Anyway, people there never were too much for religion.

Welcome, Sil.  You bring great news of Argentina.  I would have thought otherwise.  I look forward to hearing more of Argentina and of your experiences coming to the US particularly regarding religion.

Well, Lillie, I was born an Atheist and most members of my family were/are Atheists. Although Argentinians are mostly Catholics their visits to church are rare...and the growth of Atheism in the country runs first in Latin America. I am pretty sure you were thinking of Brazil...another country / another culture

I came to USA in 1980...I have more years here than there.

I never have problem with religious people, here or there, because I ignore them. Period.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus Silvia.

Thanks, Anthony. Did you read y answer to you about Atheists in Tennessee?


Yes, I read them. I may look into them.

Sure...as some groups may not longer be active. BTW, I liked visiting TN; great people.




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