Hi Everyone. I'm Donna. I've been an atheist for a very long time. Funny how being raised Southern Baptist can have that effect on someone. My husband and I live in Upstate SC with our two children. I've been looking for a group of nontheist parents with young children in my area without much luck. I'm thinking of starting my own group, but have no experience with managing a social networking site.
I have recently sort of come out of the "closet" so to speak. I changed my religious status from blank to secular humanist on Facebook. I've reached a point where I want people to know that I'm different from them. That I'm a good person making hard choices without the God crutch that all the people around me are so fond of. I'm so tired of hearing it's God's will or God lead us to this and then when it gets hard or they change their minds and give up God was testing them or revealing something to them. I just want to scream at them you made a decision it backfired and now you're not even willing to take the blame for it!
I suppose that's all. I'm looking forward to figuring this site out, and getting to know some like minded people.

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Welcome. You'll be fond of the Parenting Little Heathens group, here, I take it.
Thank you. I'll check that out.
Brave decision Donna and not one to be taken lightly in view of your neighbours and friends. I wonder how many more people there are afraid to give up their pretense at belief because of their situation.

Chris P.


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