Ok. Let's start off by introducing ourselves. And to keep things simple and neat let's use this format:

1. say your name
2. say "...and i'm an alcoholic". LOL just kidding. say what country/island you're from, especially if you're from the Caribbean.
3. say what is your status using one of the following choices:
a) atheist
b) agnostic
c) theist
d) deist
e) not sure
4. say what denomination you belong to (if you are theist - wait, are theists allowed on atheist nexus?? oops) /belonged to
5. ummm....i can't think right now, it's time for lunch. write something short about yourself, i guess

Yeah. I'll write mines after lunch! Later.

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Our first Trini? Welcome Kevin.
yeh man, welcome




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