Hello fellow atheists.

My name is Mayank and I live in India. I am an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering and I hope to get a Ph.D. someday. Talking about non-belief, I was never very religious to begin with, although my parents are deeply religious. That being said, for a large part of my life (obviously), I wouldn't have identified myself as an atheist. I only embraced atheism about three years ago, just after I started college. Why? It wasn't any ideological differences or a thorough reading of scripture. I can't say that I am well aware of Hindu philosophies and the ancient works like the Vedas (I have, like almost any other Indian, read the epics though). The reason I left religion was that I plainly saw it as unnecessary and potentially dangerous. I began questioning myself and some others about how would a god justify something like the Holocaust or dubstep. Well, from there it was but a small step towards atheism. The fact that I was reading a lot of popular science books (Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan) might have helped enormously.

Anyhow, I have reading books by atheists and about atheism ever since. Recently, I have made a conscious effort to broaden my mind and have delved into a bit of philosophy (Bertrand Russell's famous book). Apart from that, I read science fiction, listen to good music and play the drums. I appreciate spicy food and love cricket.

I am really pleased to find this website and hope to have a blast here. I am learning my way around here right now as it is a bit confusing. No worries though.


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Dubstep?  LOL  I love your sense of humor.  Welcome to the site, Mayank.  You sound like a fun and interesting person.  I hope you find much enjoyment here.  I'm a saxophonist and was a music major in college, so I also enjoy listening to good music.  Pair that up with some tasty, spicy food and you have a life worth living!  Glad to have you here.  --Carl    


Wasn't even sure I knew what dubstep was until someone referred to Eric Whitacre's latest Virtual Choir with that term.  And as for spicy food, someone pass the Vindalooooooooooooooooo!  YUM!

Hey Loren! Count yourself, you are among the few lucky ones, not knowing about dubstep. By the way, really like your replies. Well written.

Welcome Mayank.

maybe we can educate the heathens around here about Cricket. Sorry in advance for what the Aussies are about to do to India in the One dayers.

Cheers and have fun.


Hey. I'll gladly talk about Cricket anytime. As for the upcoming series, I shall reserve judgement. But I hope you haven't forgotten what we did to you guys in the warm up match in this year's Champions Trophy.



Hey Mindy! Yes, it certainly seems great.


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