Are you as annoyed as I am by the religious intrusions at the grocery store?

When I visit the produce department for salad ingredients I am frequently the victim of their attempt to baptize me with their 'Let us pray' mist.     Sure they call it the lettuce spray but I know what they are up to!

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Well, yes, there you are vulgar filth everywhere! And the melons, big, juicy ripe, melons set close together with the cleavage and all, and no bras. Call the christian militia in for a raid!
Herew there was once [briefly] an organation called S. I. N. A ( The Society Against Indecency To Naked Animals) They went around putting trousers on horses and rams and bras on cows.(I kid you not)

It began as satire by a DJ,but Poe's Law kicked in and it got a bit out of hand. It lasted for about a week. I think the members all went into conservative politics.

A thought at Easter; isn't it about tme that ALL relgious holidays were abolished?
Excellent idea to boost the economy in the animal lingerie department and of course all male animals must wear a suitable condom at all times.
thats as bad as that asshat Sect'y Ashcroft putting a curtain on the bare breast of the Lady of Justice statue in the US Capitol because it was 'offensive.'

I think that the problem in America with religion and sex is that most of the 'decency/morality' laws have been made by impotent old men who can't get it up and fridgid women who have never had an orgasm. Their subconscious must be telling them 'if I can't have sex with beautiful young girls because I'm an ugly old man with a flaccid willie, then NO-ONE can! Lets make laws so thats illegal, bwahahahahah!'
Yeh, I remember ASSCROFT and his embarrassment with a bare boob. I imagine he was bottle fed and never learned what breasts are for.

What a strange man! I wonder if anyone has removed the expensive drapery that WE paid for.



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