Hey everyone! When looking for apps to download in the the iPhone app store, I noticed that there is very little in the way of apps for atheists. I found the Atheist Pocket Debater, but nothing else that really appealed to me on that level. There were a fair amount of apps based on science (definitely a plus), but I would like to see more apps for atheists. I am just beginning to get into app development for the iPhone and Android operating systems, and I would like to polish my skills on some free apps for the community with which I identify most. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I wrote an Android app called the Bible Versinator that uses Bible contradictions in a database. You can choose a topic, choose your stance on it, then read the Bible verse that backs up your point of view.

Would be fun to write some others. If anyone has ideas on something specific, let me know and I'll work on it and post it for free. Assuming I can pull it off :)

Any chance there will ever be an AtheistNexus android app that would be similar to the facebook app?

I like this idea. The mobile site for nexus is, may I say a little restrictive on function and accessibility.. Maybe you could figure out a waY to team up or ask bro Richard permission to make a Nexus app.?
More iPhone and iPad apps would be great! I've downloaded all that they have at the iTunes store.




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