"iPhone Version" under the "Main" heading makes me feel exluded :(

I've got an Android, and I'm thinking that WM users might not be too happy about that either.  Can you guys change it to mobile or smartphone version?  I really hate apple is all :/

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I agree; it's a poorly chosen label.
I think that the main reason is the previously enormous, currently dwindling, user base of iPhones. Most high quality optimizations of websites were originally developed towards iPhones. Since then a new species of phone evolved, but the other members of the environment still have not recognized it, especially because, and I may be wrong, the high quality mobile version of this website was developed before the Android boom. However, I agree, it should probably be changed. 
I agree. I despise Apple's business practices, with the continual lying. Their entire company doesn't rest on the power or the usefulness of the computers, but rather on the stupidity of their users and the false image that is created by them. Apple would never sponsor this website, since most of their power stems off of lack of knowledge and curiosity, and since religious people are the best resources there, it would be stupid for them to support a website despised by the very group that holds them up.




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