Irish atheists challenge the bs lying liars; thank goodness.

Does that mean the vatican is eventually going to come after poor little ANexus?
Will A|N be banned from Ireland!?!?!**

Boy those white-or-latin supremist religions are hard-up for dough aye?!
Probably using the money to build more churches in Cuba, purchase more acreage in latin-coke dealing s. frauada. I've seen the imbalances, chaos through devious methods and lies tonage there; even trying to redo history books to god's liking. Having been through it myself, even being turned on by once team-mates, they eat their own; leave places polluted with abandon.

guess I'm a blasphemer by default, just for existing
right? riiiiiggghhht. damn shame for Ireland, thought they had things worked out by now with the rest of the world, guess they still revere Hitler.
Ooops, what do we have here:

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Yeah, I was reading about this on the news today.

... what frigging year is this again?

Could have sworn the dark ages and the Spanish inquisition were over.
... seems I was wrong.
Where's Billy Connelly ? Of all people, I would have expected him to put on a live show as a challenge.
I like Pat Condell's assertion, "I don't respect your beliefs and I don't care if you are offended".
He's the first youtuber to come to mind when I heard of this decoy law some folks are pushing for; solar panel money? who needs that?
Living just across from Ireland, like a few miles away, I'm tempted to take a quick trip and shout something nasty...
Seems like the Irish didn't get enough violence in the Catholic - Protestant pissing contest so they have created a situation that will undoubtable lead to more divisions and violence among the population. WTF are they thinking (or maybe the problem is they're not thinking)
They sure drink and try to think. Ever try that? Tiz fun lad.
I for one am thrilled!! I cannot wait for the Catholics to sue the Muslems, the Muslems sue the Jews, the Jews suing the Jehova Witnesses.... after all, they all blaspheme each other. I would encourage all Irish atheists to sit in front of the telly next Sunday and report any "one and only god", "no salvation without faith", "one true path" to the networks. Your Flying Spaghetti Monster must be livid with all the blasphemous statements.... it is a good thing the network will come down hard on these people now it is all illegal and stuff :)



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