Irish Ex-catholics, help me out! --

Are there any Irish here who would like to share your opinions of the Magdalene Asylums which were run by Irish nuns from 1922 until 1996 as prisons and workhouses for "FALLEN WOMEN"?  On this site, many Irish people are making excuses for the church, and the nuns.  The Irish government is considering a small amount of restitution for these catholic slave girls.  The catholic church will pay not one dime.  These girls and women were enslaved, beaten, had their babies sold off, and many died of the abuse and were buried in unmarked graves. The women in Ireland were respected and powerful before the pope handed Ireland to the English king to be 'Civilized".  Since the church took hold, the Irish woman has dropped in status.  She has no power, not even over her own body.  She is shamed for normal human sexual feelings.  The nasty priests have been rightly condemned.  Why not the abusive nuns?  

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If the Irish legal system has an equivalent to the American "class-action" lawsuit, I would say it is past time that was pressed into service.  Such a suit would name ALL involved in the abuse, certainly including the nuns, but also INCLUDING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Those SOBs have skated too many times ... ENOUGH!

I've actually been to Ireland. About 6 different trips, including Northern Ireland and Belfast. The most friendly, warm, and hospitable people you will ever meet. Their hospitality is only matched by one other nation of the many I've been to, and that's Cuba.

Having said that (and I really love the place), I'm reminded of a line in the movie The Wind That Shakes The Barley. The film was about the Irish War of Independence from England, and the subsequent civil war that followed. The dialogue was regarding the Catholic Church's role in the civil turmoil, between a supporter and opposer of the church. The opposer said, 

"Why do you want to trade the tyranny of London for the tyranny of Rome?" Truer words were never spoken.

Have to agree, Pat.  Been there three times myself, twice to Limerick, and once to Derry.  The people were terrific; the Guinness was FABULOUS!

irony. that n.ireland (so i heard on german news? . . jazero.. 
thaaaat. org crime mobs hide out down there in s.afri... drugs/slaves.. etc. nuts. guns. racism. triple negatives.. kids deserve a better world. god failed and continues to.

they just tore down that kinapper torture freak god guy from PR in Ohio? demolished his shanty house and the houses around it? .. for park. to celebrate his 1000 years in prison.

it's no culture shock that their cultures exist to shock yours...?

Let's get the facts straight, bro:

  • The house was in disrepair, but hardly a shanty
  • The neighboring houses MAY be removed as well, as yet undetermined
  • Regardless of whether Ariel Castro is Puerto Rican or not, the man was and is delusional
  • The house of Anthony Sowell, murderer of 11 women elsewhere in Cleveland, is getting the same treatment

And while I'm at it, I'm a Clevelander ... and this has been in the news ever since the first woman got free.




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