Irish Ex-catholics, help me out! --

Are there any Irish here who would like to share your opinions of the Magdalene Asylums which were run by Irish nuns from 1922 until 1996 as prisons and workhouses for "FALLEN WOMEN"?  On this site, many Irish people are making excuses for the church, and the nuns.  The Irish government is considering a small amount of restitution for these catholic slave girls.  The catholic church will pay not one dime.  These girls and women were enslaved, beaten, had their babies sold off, and many died of the abuse and were buried in unmarked graves. The women in Ireland were respected and powerful before the pope handed Ireland to the English king to be 'Civilized".  Since the church took hold, the Irish woman has dropped in status.  She has no power, not even over her own body.  She is shamed for normal human sexual feelings.  The nasty priests have been rightly condemned.  Why not the abusive nuns?  

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If Catholic church employees can do it to the tempo of Gregorian Chant, they'll do anything! Thanks for adding your voices.  The silence has been deafening about this institutional slavery.

It's up to the abused women to come forward and report to the police or other authorities, just like abused men have done in their thousands around the world. They have to start talking to get the ball rolling. A type of investor is needed to pay women to come out in the media, who can foresee a profit in publicity. A sensible person knows that most nuns are homosexuals or assexuals and that many would be predatory, so someone needs to get the victims out and about.

This sounds similar as to what happened here in Canada. Thousands if not millions of native children were killed in "residential schools" across the country from murder to starvation, beatings and disease. These places were open from the 1870s to 1996 and were operated by the Roman Catholic, United, Presbyterian and Anglican churches. I remember something about a child getting pregnant and once the child had her baby they threw it in a furnace. It was either a priest or a nun who killed it. Those who died were buried in unmarked graves as well.

Yes, there were similar Indian Schools in the U.S.  The church is always eager to civilize "the natives", on behalf of the foreign conqueror.  In fact, the pope is responsible for handing over Ireland, to the English king to civilize and Christianize the Irish heathen savages.  That was very profitable for England and the church. The Irish resisted the English, but embraced the oppression of the Catholic Church with enthusiasm.  




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