Michael Higgins, current President of the Republic of Ireland (Éire), makes a few comments on the American Tea Party. President Higgins was a visiting scholar at my alma mater, Southern Illinois University (Go Salukis!). That's the Midwestern University he's referring to when he speaks of teaching in America. By the way, he completely trashes the Teabaggers!


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I love listening to that.

What I really enjoyed was that he was NOT about to talked over or bullied by some midget minded apologist for extremists.

Be proud to be a decent American, rather than be just a wanker whipping up fear!
-- Michael Higgins

Brilliant! And the real shame is that there are people in the US right now who wouldn't bother to listen to him because his accent is odd - "Oh, he doesn't sound like an American." To which I would suggest the complainer go to Boston for a spell...

I don't know him but now I love him.




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