Irish/Vatican's war on children (aka child abuse cover up's) totally exposed on BBCk,

The video feeds there tell the tale plain and simple.
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Since they did a lot of this to "protect their assets" I think it's only appropriate that they be required to part with their assets to help these children whose lives they've destroyed.

The lawyers for the children from around the world need to get together and come up with a strategy to not only remove assets from the local churches but from the Vatican so that the children are financially compensated properly for the extreme abuse they suffered and not the pittances they've been receiving which barely cover the costs of dealing with the problems these victims now suffer from.
Being Irish, it absolutely sickens me to the core what happened in our country under the watch of the church. As a kid I was never in love with the church but I would always have expected it to be somewhere safe if I need safety. Looking back now I clearly saw the signs of abuse. Things happening in my school where a Christian Brother would fondle us in front of the class. We all laughed it off (so I thhght), I was worldly wise enough to spot a perv. But now I wonder if, as may be likely, other less confident kids came in for more "personal" attention. Who knows.

I really hope the church crumbles and dies and I would be proud if Ireland and that the were have seen are a real driver for this. Something good might come from it.

There have probably been 1000's of kids abused over the years at the hand of the church, and lets not forget this is a small country, about 4.5M people.



Full details and the findings of the report here

Clip of an abuse victim on Irish TV - Incredibly Moving
It's shameless and disgusting that the Church has only paid 10% of the damages and the rest has come from the tax payer (many of whom were abused by the same church).
Let's not forget that Joseph Ratzinger when he was the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith formalized a policy that ordered members of the catholic church to keep quiet about child abuse since it might damage the stature of the church.

It's sickening to think that for the catholic church it is more important that their base of power is untouched then that children are kept safe and "untouched".
Yup...And they are still doing this.. They just turn a blind eye.

They really do not care.

And this sort of shit has been going on for centuries.
I found an interesting doc' on what's gone in here in the USA.
Do have a watch,it's very disturbing.
Thanks for that, Goz. I was reasonably well aware of what was going on in the US, but the documentary brought things into a far better focus.
Well, all I can say is "welcome to the club." The US has been 'round and 'round with this crap for years. I first remember hearing a story on 60 Minutes about issues of child molestation by priests. They reported on a parish, I believe in New Mexico, where, after incidents in other parishes were discovered and the victims usually hushed up and/or paid off, these mutant servants of god were vectored, but not treated, and generally continued their perversion. It was only with repeated public revelation of additional violations that the nettle was finally grasped in the US.

Meanwhile, it seems as though the rest of the Catholic Church has yet to truly wake up. The priest in the video offered his apology, his sorrow and his shame. I didn't hear ONE WORD about his ACTION ... to root out this business and clean up his mess, never mind a promise to deal with future incidents swiftly and without hesitation. It's time these bastards had their feet held to the fire until they can be bothered to be PRO-ACTIVE about this issue and clean their own houses before the civil authorities force their hands for them.
The Solution is easy. It's their assets they care about. Take them away.

Bankrupt a few Churches completely with the payment of damages and they might start to tow the line.

Bankrupt the Vatican and they'll definitely tow the line.

I really wish I was a lawyer.

I'd be doing this Pro Bono.
"Seems parents, so jaded by the lack of leadership in economies and local government, end up copping out and putting the kids on these supposed meds. Corporatized, unregulated Music/TV influence..............."

Ya lost me somewhere in about mid sentence.
I am in the process of watching "Deliver Us from Evil" ... and I am utterly astonished at the utter chutzpah ... of O'Grady, in attempting to revisit his victims after he was deported to Ireland, of Mahoney and the rest of the church hierarchy in their failure to come to terms with what was going on, the complete state of denial reflected by all the parties of the church, at least when they were not actively attempting to suppress or restrict the evidence of these atrocities.

Tom Doyle, the lawyer-priest who told his audience that a "good catholic" was one who paid, prayed, and obeyed, then turned around and suggested that Jesus was a revolutionary and that was the example to be followed may have been well-intentioned, but the fact is that his audience was just as indoctrinated, and that one speech was not going to shake them out of their torpor or their conditioning. It will take more than people attempting to address this problem within the structure of the church to correct this. It will require them to become sufficiently disaffected to 1) leave the church and 2) pursue a massive class-action suit whose goal should be at the very least, to force a wake-up call to prevent ANY further incident of child molestation by a priest, if not to so beggar the church that it would have to redefine itself ... presuming it doesn't collapse of its own weight.

To change this, the sheep will have to learn to become wolves ... and too many of these are very well trained and coerced and intimidated sheep.
yeah they are...So afraid they will go to hell...
And utterly blind to the fact that they're already THERE.



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