Irish/Vatican's war on children (aka child abuse cover up's) totally exposed on BBCk,

The video feeds there tell the tale plain and simple.
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As disturbing as the revelations of the actual abuses are themselves, what seems to really upset people here is that:
i) the church all the way to the top, either actively hid the abusers or the systems put in place by the organisation from the top down allowed for the sheltering of these monsters
ii) The Gardai (our police force) were complicit in the abuse in the sense that they either failed to prosecute abusers or they left it to the church to punish them.

What hope in hell did the children have. Its so incredibly sad. I read in the Irish times that at least one man killed himself after he reported the abuse and nothing was done. Why?

Only for I love my little country so much I would be ashamed to be Irish.
I gotcha there...I'm ashamed to be American cause this and other abuses are allowed to go on and on and on.



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