Irma is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane.

Irma, the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history, tears through th...

The storm appears to have exceeded (or is about to exceed) the maximum theoretical strength for a hurricane in its environment — an estimate based on current water temperature and other conditions."

A Storm That Could 'Rewrite History': Irma Hits as Most Powerful At...

Two nuclear reactors, Turkey Point and St. Lucie, may be in Irma's path.

Turkey Point weathered a Category 5 strike from Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

When the eye of Andrew passed over Turkey Point, some facilities around the reactor buildings took a beating. Ultimately, the state’s oldest nuclear plant suffered $90 million in damages, including to systems that were supposed to be hurricane-proof.

One of the 400-foot smokestacks for the old oil-burning power plant was cracked in half, even though it was rated to survive 235-mph winds. Andrew blew down all but six of the 41 warning sirens within 10 miles of the plant. The storm left the plant running on backup generators for more than a week to cool the shut-down reactor. A main access road was blocked by debris.

Two South Florida nuclear power plants lie in Irma’s path. Are they...

Of course, warnings could all just be exaggerations to trick people into believing in climate change, if you tune in to right wing radio.

image source

Hurricane Irma warnings are a conspiracy to make climate change loo...

The coverage of Hurricane Irma is a conspiracy to trick people into believing in climate change and buying batteries, according to radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The shock jock claimed that the media are exaggerating the threat from the hurricane – which has wreaked devastation across the Caribbean and is now threatening to destroy parts of Florida – to play into their own agendas.

He said that the media were portraying the hurricane as deadly but that they "are never as strong as they're reported" ...

That was being done in the hope of tricking people into believing that the storms were the result of climate change, and that as a result people should work to counteract global warming.

"Hurricanes are always forecast to hit major population centers because, after all, major population centers is where the major damage will take place and where we can demonstrate that these things are getting bigger and they’re getting more frequent and they’re getting worse — all because of climate change," he said.

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Hope everyone gets to safety.  Sad situation, very scary.  We going to be suffering here in Texas for awhile, makes me sad for the poor and vulnerable.  Hate to see more of it in Florida and in the Caribbean.

They say that Trump has lost one mansion to this already but I'm not going to gloat or otherwise make mention of it. I doubt seriously if the loss will affect him much, but it is regrettable.

Reports have come out that Trump got $17M in 2005 despite the fact that there was no significant damage. Grifters gonna grift.

Would Rush himself -- and 45* -- be willing to be in the middle of the hurricane?

I for one would be willing for them to be in the middle of the (fake, per the gospel according to Rush) hurricane.

Trumpster just appointed the first non-scientist to head NASA. NASA has provided data showing evidence of anthropogenic climate change, so this is concerning. He is politicizing scientific branches of government. Really it is no surprise after his non-scientist pics for energy secretary,  Rick Perry who didn't know the job entailed managing the nuclear arsenal, and the climate denying administrator of the EPA. Obama conversely appointed a Nobel physicist as energy secretary. Trump's appointments are an anti-intellectual assault on science with a political agenda.

It's much as Bannon promised - the deconstruction of the administrative state.


And this isn't deconstruction in the hipster postmodern intellectualist everything's up for grabs sense; this is deconstruction in a literal fundamentalist sense. Translation: destruction of the social contracts that we used to imagine were the pillars of a commonwealth.

Hope everyone is getting through this thing okay.  Amazing how well it can be predicted where these things will go.




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