So I was greeted to this..

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Ordinarily I'd say I see those all the time ... except that I use Firefox and AdBlock Plus, which pretty well sends 'em all packing.

This is something people have commented about again and again.  It's content-based advertising, and A|N doesn't get a lot of say in the content, which isn't surprising.

If you are atheist and only accept atheist advertising for your website you will end up footing a lot of the bills yourself. Theists pick and choose their beliefs but in the real world you cannot pick and choose your sponsored advertising.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at a free bible.  Once you get past the atrocities it causes, it's got some great tales in it. Well, the old testament at least.  Some of those storytellers were up there with with the writers of Norse mythology.

Even the paper in these things is great.  If I wasn't completely tamed due to this family raising thing, I'd happily roll something in the 10 commandments.  I guess I'll save that for retirement.




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