Anyone else find it funny that a place named "Liberty University" has a curfew, dress restrictions, and a limit on its student's ability to express themselves?

So,that aside,

I was talking to my mother who thought it was unfair that I said evangelicals simply don't like homosexuals. Last time I checked they are the ones that believe homosexuality is one of the worst sins a man/woman can commit.

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...and work with make you free.
Will, not "with". Finger hijacking demons begone!
I live about 40 miles from "Pensacola Christian College" which in my understanding is as strict as a juvie detention center and teaches false science among other things.I'm unsure of how much I've heard is true,but it soulds like "Jesus Camp" for college students.
I lived right by Florida Christian College and worked with one of their students at a pizza place - she had to get off before every one else because she had an 11 pm curfew on the *weekends*. And obviously, they had no co-ed dorms, forced bible study, etc. Even as a christian myself back then, I knew it was just like being grounded away from home. Plus, most of the students there had one or both parents working on the campus as either a teacher, a janitor, a minister, something.

Your mom's objection may be the "love the sinner hate the sin". See, they don't dislike gays, they just want to CURE them! Ya know, with ex-gay therapy, because it worked so WELL for Ted Haggard. (/sarcasm)


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