I am going to earmark my IRS return this year and take them to Court if they do not do something about the violations, en masse, of the no-politics law applying to non-profit religious organizations ("corporations"). Now that the AFA and many such lobby groups are holding up the First Amendment and screaming about violation of their rights, I plan on holding up the same Amendment and point to outrageous violations of church-state separation. If just one of these groups were investigated, and if we made a big stink about it, perhaps we could put a stop to it.

What right does Brian Fischer of the American Family Association have to tell any of us that "God" commands us to do this, or forbids us doing that. I could dream up some seances with the Flying Spaghetti Monster and claim that He told me to worship Obama as His prophet, and as long as I kept that belief to myself and a few other delusional people and did not try to impose that bizarre belief (as are all religious faiths) on others, no problem. The problem is in organizations like this getting too chummy with pols in D.C. That is where the greatest mischief and very real harm is done. To put it country simple: simple minds in D.C. believe this crap.

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Unfortunately, tax law does not permit you to only pay taxes for those causes you like. There are many who would choose to defund the military, the education department, veterans, the renewal of the NASCAR boost, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Science Foundation, welfare, the EPA, Congressional pay, &c. if they could.

In an audit, such a claim (I don't like religious exemptions) will not gain you much traction. It will gain you a fine and interest on what is owed.

Thanks for letting me off the hook.  :-)))




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