Is America getting to be more and more like Buy-N-Large?

 I recently learned that we now have talking gas pumps that engages the pumping customers to pick a favorite song while pumping gas. There is already talking machines at ATMs, self service check outs at food store, hardware stores, and I did have one experience of a talking machine at an E.R. I don't think it will be too far off having a talking car to remind you to fasten your seatbelt and check your mirrors. Will probably tell you the oil needs to be changed...or do we have that already?..or maybe a talking toilet to remind you to flush it and wash your hands afterwards?

What will be the effects of the human race with talking machines all around us?

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My dad died in 1984. So he didn't live to see the technological revolution. That's a prelude to this. Dad remarked, when I was in grade school, that one of these days you will know who is on the other end of the phone before you ever pick it up. I remember at the time thinking the old man has completely lost his mind.
We all know now that he was right. At the time I really thought he was talking crazy :)

I remember my Dad telling me that tectonic plates of the Earth were just some crazy college professors having nightmares. I wonder what my kids will remember that was some silly thing I said that eventually comes to pass. I wish I could watch their faces. 

I would like talking machines that let me know when I was unknowingly going to be in great danger.  Other than that, they would mostly be highly annoying.

Being constantly reminded of things I already know, is very annoying and counter-productive.  It's nagging and harassing. Most people just tune-it-out.  People like me that can't tune-it-out, become extremely annoyed and angry.

Other than the great danger information, I think machines should only talk when asked for information or advice.

I think I agree with you. 

Just like everything else, probably, it would be the new normal after a while....

Many of the things you mention already are in use, if you have enough $$$ to get such gadgets. My car, the 24-year-old car tells me when my keys are still in the ignition, my lights are still on, when I need to take it in for service. So, that is nothing new. 

My computer reminds me when I have an appointment, or if it is someone's birthday, or that I have to tend chores. 

The talking machines of which you speak I do not have, nor do I want them. I kind of like the quiet and working tools and much rather have a clerk who chats with me and tells me that her back hurts or she is going on vacation in 47 days. I like the banker who askes me how my new roof is doing, or the meat market person offers a new recipe as I make my monthly order. My green grocer knows I like to try new things, so he/she offers me new ways to fix it. 

I"m just an old lady that likes to talk to those who like to take care of me when I am in their stores and who offer to carry my groceries to my car for me. 

The younger generation talks to their machines all the time; they are used to them. When I am dead, all those younger folks will carry on without me and do just fine. 

Lots of things talk to you. My pet peeve is the microwave telling my to enjoy my meal. Way too intrusive and embarrassed that it it rarely a meal anyway.

In the 70"s and early 80's some cars did talk. They had this annoying prerecorded message that said :"The door is ajar" if it weren't completely latched. A few other equally moronic warning messages. People hated the things. They spawned countless jokes and a small cottage industry among mechanics disabling them.

John, I had one of them in the eighties. And I hated it :)

My Daughter constantly argued with the one we had when she was a child. I quote: "NO stupid, the door is not a jar, it is a door". I don't know which w3as worse, the car or her sense of humor ;-)

I think your daughter's funny.  

All too much like "FUTURE SHOCK" by Alvin Toffler for me Daniel.



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