Is it just me  or do you believe the United States has lost its  way?        When I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, The US  was a growing, vibrant country...Eisenhower  had  our  interstate  highway system  built, the middle case was growing, we had  good public  schools, Kennedy sent the first Astronaut into space  and we even  landed  on the Moon....Most people  seemed  happy......LBJ  had the Great  Society, giving African Americans  their civil rights and the freedom to vote......Medicare  and medicaid insured  the Senior  and  poor  population so that they  could live  a decent  life..............Now  it seems  politicians want  to limit  voting  to the poor and minority  segments  of society, they refuse  to fund  our  infrastructure, they give  tax cuts  to the rich, and  reduce  benefits to the middle class and  to the poor.....Instead  of a vibrant  middle class, it is  dwindling while the rich  are getting  richer ......Obama  is trying  to  offer  more  health insurance to the middle class and poor, yet the Republicans want to  defund it...They would rather the US  spend  more  money  on the military  and arm  every  civilian , than  to improve  the lifestyle of every American...........Republicans  prefer  charter  schools, and rid us of the Teachers  unions, while our  public  schools  deteriorate......American  children  are now ranked  lower  than most  industrial  countries, even though  we still have  the best colleges  and  Universities...Tuition  has exploded so that  student  debt is the highest  in generations......We no longer  want to accept  new  immigrants, and treat  them  poorly when we do.................How  can we  advertise  that America  is still the land  of Opportunity..........Any comments???

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1. "Lost its way" makes it sound accidental, it was purposely derailed. You can't have big business control government without monopolies, and you couldn't have monopolies with out some serious changes at the federal level.

2. Ah, Eisenhower, a good general. He at least UNDERSTOOD that wars should be run by tacticians and generals, not politicians. Politicians make poor tacticians because they move the goalposts and compromise for short-term gain in long-term problems. They make poor generals because they change their minds constantly and have no REAL consideration for the ACTUAL situation on the ground. We need to elect more seasoned and experienced generals.

3. Consider this, the person behind the register at your local McDonalds or Seven-Eleven might just have a Bachelor's degree! There are MORE people with college degrees than jobs that require them, meaning many graduates now have to take minimum wage labor just to get by! Sounds like great opportunity, doesn't it?


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