Decades ago I used to say America’s being able to replace a president after four years, or to impeach or remove a president sooner, would discourage a buildup to a religious war. I no longer say that.

What do or don’t you say on this subject?

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Offhand, I'd say Trump's sucking up to the Religious Reich is all but begging for a war.  Said war will be at least as political as it is religious, being that dear Donnie seems to be doing his best to violate and obviate the separation of church and state [hey, that kinda rhymes!].  What's worse is that, since he has no understanding of what he's doing beyond the utterly superficial, he is also not prepared to deal with the fallout from his actions, with his declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as a glaring case in point.

Trump isn't acting in a vacuum here, either.  Fundamentalist Christianity is more or less aware that they're losing adherents and with them, traction, a fact they don't like very much, and it's a large part of the reason why they are doing everything they can to steer Trump in the directions they desire.  So far, they have a willing stooge partner, but they have a problem which can be expressed in two words: Robert Mueller.  When [not "if"] Mueller drops the hammer on Trump, the reverberation from that action will impact everything around him, and yes, that includes evangelical goodie-two-shoes Mike Pence.  Dominionism's friends in high places will either be gone or irreversibly compromised, and with them, the public image of the brand of Christianity they've been promoting.  This will also not go over very well with those of the First Estate.

The really big question is that, in such a position, will they want to go all the way to jihad?  Yes, that's a very good question; it shows you're interested.  If there are no other questions, class is dismissed.

Edit: One last matter.  That war?  It's of the CIVIL variety.  Intramural, internal ... get my drift?

Bertold if it hasn't been about bringing about the Second Coming, it's been about turning the US into a biblical nation, ruled by Mosaic Law ... or BOTH.  Either way, people need to be educated about what is going on and the danger involved.  Yes, I know, most either don't care or can't be bothered, but the nettle must be grasped.

Yes, I read the book Civil War II: The Coming Breakup Of America by Thomas Chittum. It had many interesting things in it on both history and the way people in different areas of the US think.

What are y'all talking about?  A civil war of any kind in the USA is as likely as an invasion from Mars.  We are a passive domesticated people.  We have our bread, circuses, and netflix.  We type furiously in our chatrooms and on our forums, but half us don't even vote, which takes, for starters, getting up.  Take up arms for this or that cause and risk dying?  Nah, ballgame's on the widescreen and don't wanna miss the latest Walking Dead.

The general public?  Maybe.  US?!?  Don't bet on it.  Hell, Joan Denoo is way older than I am and I wouldn't get in her way if the shit hit the fan for all the tea in China!  There are those of us who DO value what this country is about and are willing to fight for its continued existence ... and yeah, I sure as hell am one of 'em.

Sit on the sidelines if you want.  I'm here to play.

I can't envision how a religious war might start in this country.  Uh ... Trump is impeached and removed and evangelicals . . . shoot up mosques?  Attack the local Democratic headquarters?  (It wouldn't matter that only Republicans could remove him.)  The U.S. Civil War was easy -- in that it was almost totally geographic.  Boundaries were clear.  Today?  I don't know which of my neighbors are religiously nutty, and they don't know that I'm a Sanders socialist and Humanist.  (Oh.  The bumper sticker.  Scratch #1.)  Will they blow up my car by dark of night?  Hope not; my bedroom's above the garage.  

Any domestic action would look exactly like a felony, and be treated as such by law enforcement. 

I can't say it's impossible, of course, but I just don't get how it would work. 

Quite correct! Prince Erik rides up to do the bidding of King Donald. What a pathetic way for the United States of America to end!

Where are the Resisters when we need them? 

“What a pathetic way for the United States of America to end!”

Joan, I doubt that Donald’s chaotic ways will let him make it to kinghood.

However, keep an eye on the law enforcement weaponry Bert mentioned.

Police weaponry will protect the descendants of the “rich and well born” Alexander Hamilton and the “opulent minority” James Madison spoke of at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

The Founders didn’t foresee the political parties (the factions) that would arise soon after their government of investors, by investors, and for investors started operations.

The Founders didn’t foresee the problems their descendants would encounter. Those problems included the division of power between the Federal and State governments, slavery, the continent’s original occupants.

(The Monroe Doctrine tells us the Founders did foresee the ambitions of the rulers of other nations.)

The Founders can be forgiven for not seeing that only after World War Two, could their descendants set out to make the world safe for investors, ...via world empire.

Will Wall Street sociopaths let Donald make it to emperorhood? If they do, how long will they let him remain Emperor?

The US of A I envisioned never began.

Has law enforcement become the pawn of King Donald? 

Without a doubt, Trump wants to be a war president. He wants to put on the face and regalia of an emperor who owns the world. He perceives other humans as ants in a glass box where he can watch them scurry after food and sex. He thinks all humans have the values of a lower form of an animal, no better than an experimental rat or pigeon. 

As a student do you work, or are you of cuddled?

Sorry for my harsh reply Easton Le.

What is a Trump Populist approach?




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