Decades ago I used to say America’s being able to replace a president after four years, or to impeach or remove a president sooner, would discourage a buildup to a religious war. I no longer say that.

What do or don’t you say on this subject?

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Without a doubt, Trump wants to be a war president. He wants to put on the face and regalia of an emperor who owns the world. He perceives other humans as ants in a glass box where he can watch them scurry after food and sex. He thinks all humans have the values of a lower form of an animal, no better than an experimental rat or pigeon. 

I don't agree that he holds those views of humans, but I do agree he is interested in presenting himself as a strong American president the world shouldn't mess with. He is active against ISIS, takes a tough stance against North Korea, and even challenges the emerging power of China. (On a side note, the Chinese seem to enjoy Trump's bravado, though it may be at his expense.)

Trump's campaign implemented a strong Populist approach. He even encouraged the "Everyman" to speak at his rallies. So, even if what you say is true, his actions show he is concerned about people. However, his Populist approach also held some Nationlist undertones which I'm glad he's stepped away from. Don't want none of that, thank you. Concern over the American People? Count me in. Concern ONLY for the American People? That's a dark road.

I would also argue that these policies that he supports, those reducing the power and breadth of federal institutions, relates to Repubican beliefs about government than a reflection of Trump himself. Even if he wanted to be King, Congress can take it away. They can override a veto and also control the country's purse strings. The Power of the Purse is where the true power lies and I doubt Congress would ever give that up.

I remember a lot of people claiming to know what went on inside President Obama's head during his term as president. I'm not sure how helpful it is to do that.

What I did like about Obama is that he believed in the UN and trying to get international support on decisions. His "worldwide apology tour" did a great deal to improve relations. However, such an approach didn't work well against beligerents like ISIS and Russia. There is inherent problems and expectations when you're a world superpower.

On a side note, I'd like to see the EU examine itself. I doubt it will succeed in becoming a world power until it can hold its members accountable for controversial actions, like Merkel speaking on behalf of all of Europe, contributing to the poorly-managed Immigrant Crisis. If they are going to become a federal government they just need to come out and say it. Instead, they are being sneaky. Only one out of their seven institutions is properly representative of the European people. In my opinion, that is abhorrent. If they can fix problems like these maybe our country won't have to be such a solitary figure on the world stage. Maybe we can afford to elect more presidents like Obama.

As a student do you work, or are you of cuddled?

I am a student and I do work. I don't understand why you ask the second thing. I do cuddle once in a while. It's good to have affection in your life. It prevents you from becoming resentful of other people.

Sorry for my harsh reply Easton Le.

What is a Trump Populist approach?

Easton, yes! it was you. I wrote a response to you in which I said that you have a valid point; I was going to finish my response but got distracted by other things and must have deleted what I intended to say and that I appreciated your comment. In any event. I am too tired just now to give you evidence. Then I forgot who requested evidence. I am very sorry. 

I will respond to you with my evidence, but not tonight. It is past midnight and I have a lot to do to get ready to spend a few months with my son and his family. I promise a response in a day or three. 

Thanks, friend!

Is a Republican more conservative than a Democrat in the U.S.A  in today  political world?

What do these terms mean?


What is the war in Yemen about and why is the U.S. involved

Suni Shia Divide.?

As I understand it, The Eastern and Southern Muslims of Yemen wanted to have sovereignty and control over the production of oil and access to the money from that oil. The Northern and Eastern faction controlled both production and money from it. It is a civil war with Russia vs. the USA getting into the act. With big guns and big money, it was not a civil war any longer, it was a war of the giants fought on the ground of the people, property, and control of Yemen and the Yemenis suffered. 

Yemeni Women Burn Veils To Protest Government Crackdown

The best thing the U.S. and world could do is stop suckling on the tit (or other parts to get )of oil.

With climate change and advancement in technology such as wind generation or solar sells oil should be a thing of the past. How many still harbor wailing boats?

It should be history.

If it weren't for oil the Shia's and Sunis would be allowed fo fight their civil war without intervention from the U.S. and Russia.

China seems to be more intellegent about this.

Manderin and  Cantonese sould be manditory lanuage for students.

Sorry for proseytizing.





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