This group does not seem to be very active, and I was wondering if anyone was working on a book, essays, articles, and so forth.  Does anyone need a pre-publishing critique?  

I finished my first book recently (see before I had joined the site, and one of the struggles I had was getting honest feedback on my writing.  I would be glad to help out anyone who would like a second set of eyes on what they are doing.

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I am writing a book currently. A sort of historical/redaction analysis of the Christian canon which walks people through all of the inaccuracies, contradictions, and downright historical fictions. I'll probably self publish once it is done, mostly because I hate getting dicked around dealing with bureaucracies and that is exactly what book publishers look like.
Yeah, I imagined that most traditional publishers are a lot like record labels and your testimony has confirmed it. What have you written?
I'm writing the great American novel (aren't we all?) and have recently added a section that includes a hint of my religious feelings. I wanted to make sure it didn't sound like a speech. So, here is the scene. Two teenaged boys are examining what one might euphemistically call a dirty book. The location is England in the 1970's and thus their peculiarities of language.

"Here, I'm not good with words. You read these bits." Badfoot handed the rat-eared magazine to Habib who had been a voracious consumer of written words since the dark ages, which would be from about seven to eleven in his case.
“I am a busty blonde aged 19 and I have a sister who is 22 who is as busty as me. One night we got this old geezer really drunk on some wine. My sister went in and lay with him. She said he didn’t know when she came in or went out on account of his being so drunk but she said there wasn’t a man on earth to come into her in that manner. So the next night we got some more wine and I went in and lay with him too like she did. Like she said, he didn’t know when I came in or went out but now we are both up the junction on account of how he is our dad. Name and address withheld.
“That’s not the best one.’
“Do you want to hear the one where a bloke has it off with this woman and it tuns out to be his father’s mistress? Or there’s a good article on what to do if you have a wet dream and get spunk on your clothes and skin.”
“Nah. Find the one with the mother-in-law telling the girl how to get the bloke to shag her.”
“What about Miss Taurus? It says she lusts after her lovers, whose genitals are like those of donkeys and whose emission is like that of horses.”
Habib scanned on, open mouthed, “Wow! Listen to this one, 'Dear New Sinsations Editor, I know you aren’t going to believe this, but it really happened. A couple of evenings back I was having trouble getting to sleep, so I arose from off my bed, and looked out of my window. Our house is right close to the neighbors, and I saw this woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautiful...'”

At this point a third character interrupts their reading.

If you enjoyed their dirty stories, you can read the originals at the following locations:
Genesis 19:30-36
Genesis 35:22
Leviticus 15: 16-18
Ruth 3:3-14
Ezekiel 23:20
2 Samuel 11: 2-5
I'm writing erotica these days. My first collection will appear as an eBook later this week. Another collection of stories and a novel are in the works.
That's funny. I have made a decent income as a writer in the last couple of decades -- writing patents. I do my own illustrations as well. The style of prose is arcane and requires a knack for simultaneously being very precise and yet deliberately vague. The result is a dense mat of words with few pronouns (to maintain precision) and a sprinkling of waffle terms: generally, about, at least, not less than about, and so on.

It is not a promising field in which to hone one's skills as a story teller, but I have learnt to spell some obscure terms, and to create neologisms are often needed to describe aspects of a novel device. Neologising has made the leap from the legalese of patent specifications and claims into my work-in-progress that might be termed an example of magical modernism. If the experiment succeeds, I'll patent the outcome.*

*That's a joke. Copyright is the correct legal protection for written words.
Definately a quiet posting area.
I am not working on anything, but would like to start. It has been years since the last time I attempted to pen anything, and I would really like to get started on something... but what?
Researching a poet's life for movie script along the lines of Cunningham's "The Hours." (That is, somewhat imitative of that book and movie's structure, parallel story-telling, because I am flirting with the notion of weaving my own life into the protagonist's search for the truth of how and why the poet died.) If I talk about it I will not write it.
I am working on a book. I've been posting excepts from it on my blog for about a month hoping to get some constructive criticism.
I'm presently working on a short story entitled "lothlorien Autumn," a fan fiction tale taking place in Middle Earth. My stories, essays and poems may be found at

I recently started a Lord of the Rings Atheists group here. Please check it out if you're a lover of Lord of the Rings or anything Tolkien.
Well, if it's ok, I wouldn't mind a post-publishing critique. I recently published a humorous parody of the Bible entitled Bible Spoof! A Closer Look at Genesis (see But the only feedback I've gotten so far is from a couple of my Christian friends. One friend came away pondering his own beliefs (which is good, since that's one reason why I wrote the book), and the other... I think was annoyed that I even gave him a copy... Oops!

So, I'd be curious to see what a fellow atheist thinks. The main thing I'd like to know is: Is it even funny?
Hey guys, please please buy my book that has just been published about whether or not we have free will:





I am working on a collection of essays tentatively entitled "Why I Don't Believe in God...and Why You Shouldn't, Either".  (I laughed when I thought of the title--I wouldn't normally use such a provocative title--but I thought it might sell better than, say, "A Rational Defense of Nontheism," so that's my working title.)  One of the things I want to do in it is examine various philosophical arguments for God's existence and show why they don't really justify belief in God or even make belief in God rational.  I will, of course, have to give definitions of various terms like "belief" and "atheist" and even "God."


Where I'm having trouble are in *structuring* the book and in *beginning* the book.  When I say that I am having trouble with the book's structure, I mean this:  I am aware that a lot of what I'll write, in its long form, will be too philosophical, too technical, for many people--and too *long* for many people.  I've conceived the notion of writing outlines; a short form; and a long form.  I have one of the outlines written (the basic epistemic one); and I have another partly written (the basic morality one).  I'll probably put them first.  But should I include a preliminary section telling people about myself, so that they know I'm nots simply a religion-hating, never-had-a-spiritual-feeling-in-his-life, doesn't-have-anybody-he-cares-about, immoral (or amoral) person?  Or should I not include that?  Should I begin with definitions of terms, or should I first say something about to whom I'm addressing the book?  And should I define terms as I need them (each definition taking a while to give), or should I give a bunch of them first, so that they're out of the way?  Those are the sorts of problems I'm having.




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