This group does not seem to be very active, and I was wondering if anyone was working on a book, essays, articles, and so forth.  Does anyone need a pre-publishing critique?  

I finished my first book recently (see before I had joined the site, and one of the struggles I had was getting honest feedback on my writing.  I would be glad to help out anyone who would like a second set of eyes on what they are doing.

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Yes, I came out using my real name, have been published consistently in American Atheist magazine (about 7 articles so far, more to come), contribute to Free Inquiry (three articles) and American Rationalist (one so far). Finishing my book, No Meek Messiah, and plan to publish in Feb 2013 -- -- so yes, I'm working on things. Let us all try to compensate for the void left by our late friend, the Hitch. 

Hello, Atheist Writers! I'd like to share the news that my novel, "The Holy Family," is now available in paperback and digital editions. I mentioned this on this thread a while back--can't remember quite how long ago--but I've finally gotten to this point.

Dale McGowan, author of the forthcoming "Atheism for Dummies," had this to say about "The Holy Family": "'The Holy Family' is a rich and engrossing story, elegant and moving. Though it takes place on the epic stage of religious belief and disbelief, the drama itself is simple, humane, and ultimately devastating as the title’s twin meanings gradually come into focus. A unique and deeply satisfying read."

There's plenty of information at this link, including how to purchase a copy. I'd love to hear from readers, and hope you'll feel free to discuss the book with other folks at Atheist Nexus.

Way cool, Joe. You used the phrase "for lack of a better word" regarding "spiritual" - in an upcoming article in Free Inquiry I used that phrase regarding the word "soulless." I also just had another article published there, and one in The American Rationalist. Also I have a series, "Dogma Watch" for American Atheist magazine. Congrats on the book, and best of luck!

Mr. Fausnight, I could not say that I work on the book, because for books is needed the investment of money. And since to me it is in supernatural sphere. Let's say that I'm working on research. 
I would be happy to receive criticism about the content of my last page:
(Of course, not in the sense of poor English, because English was not present in my schooling.)

As for my criticism... you can to have weak usefulness.
In fact my problem is the return to the etymologically original meanings of the terms.
In the case of "the spirituality", since that the Greek word "pneuma" means:
air movement, breath, breathing = matter in gaseous state;
as well in Serbian, where "duh" (spirit, air) is the root word from: 
"vazduh" (all+air, mixture of spirits); 
like in Latin: "spiritus" = breath,
and in Proto-Indo-European *(s)peis (blow, pant, gasp);
spirituality is never been out of matter, except as a philosophical errors.
So, in my case, your title:
"Rediscovering Sprituality in the Material World"
it has a somewhat different meaning.




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