Is Atheism a chiefly liberal or conservative philosophy?

I know this may seem like a bit of an odd question but I’ve been wondering about it for the past few days and for some reason I can’t escape the feeling that it (atheism) would be a rather ‘conservative’ point of view (that is, at least in title), and yet I’m constantly being called a liberal because of my social and political leanings. I'm just wondering what your views are on this.


PS: I’ll be gone for a few days but I will catch up with this thread when I return.

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Communism yes, but also, all forms of socialism. Sure, we get to vote every once in a while, but only for who socialistically destroys our rights. It is the socialistic nature of our democracy that is wrong. The socialism within our once quasi-capitalistic states is the cause of our debt and malfunctional forced welfare state.
I have only a responsibility to not violate another's individual rights. He does not have a right to the fruits of my labors. Profit does not entail exploitation without force or fraud. None of your definitions change that socialism as a political philosophy, puts the invalid rights of the group in front of the individual. And socialism always entails public ownership, which necessitates force. Your emotions are clear, but your arguments are nonsubstantial. You can't be as successful and your talents will let you with socialism, you must sacrifice partial ownership of your earnings. Oooh, guaranteed a minimum. For what, being born. No thanks. Hopefully my parents had the power to raise and educate me and provide shelter and insurance before they made me, and if I'm their 5th kid on welfare, no one else owes me shit. Welfare grows the lower class and taxes paralyze the middle and stop the rich from creating jobs and putting capital back in the market.
I've thrown up my hands with MT, which is why I haven't bothered keeping up with this conversation. It just goes around and around, and its far too wearisome and frustrating to even bother. Same reasoning that led me to an atheist website - I came here so I didn't have to waste time bothering to argue against something so blatantly stupid. But you guys have fun trying to reason with the unreasonable! But if you could, is somebody up to organizing the arguments and counterarguments into a cohesive paper? A Socialism v. Libertarianism piece? I know its a lot of work, but could be a lot of fun, more fun than talking to a wall anyway.
Almost as pointless as arguing with a creationist!
Oh, now you people come out of the woodwork!


@ wanderer

I've actually been ramping up to a full blown (motherfuckin) thesis on the subject, but more 'Socialism vs Capitalism~ a breakdown of current paradigm vs possible paradigm' which is why I posted about entitlements earlier.  I've been trying to chunk it down, and sharpen my arguments on here, so that I can eventually test all of them, and then just write an intro, thesis, and throw it all together (for the most part)

oh [sigh] I got distracted, then forgot about it.  I have been tackling related issues lately, but it slipped my mind after the first day...

Oh, the Drama; The Pressure!

I will put it on my list of things to do, however I have a medical/psychological issue I'm dealing with that makes it difficult (seriously) that I mentioned in another thread you're in.  


I can't stop dissecting and dismantling thoughts logically and philosophically, and its starting to drive me fucking insane.  I want to turn it off somehow, but it keeps on going and going and going and going and going~  Its turning into me arguing even the most inane details for correctness, like that post on stupid maxims~ the disclaimer at the top and bottom wasn't a joke, I seriously can't stop.  Libertarians have been good prey as of late (anyone conservative, really) and I think you and I have gotten into it in the Hitchens thread as well~ but I can't stop debating and arguing, constructing and deconstructing thoughts.  this has made it  very difficult for me to focus on things that aren't directly related, such as a group to bitch about libertarians (because we know they aren't going to join the group just to argue with us, at least I wouldn't expect it) as opposed to actually fighting them out in the forums...  


Enough of this small rant, I need food.  


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Well let's just get right down to brass tax then, why don't we? Park, I'd be glad to help out in this regard, and perhaps JD and anyone else of like mind can throw our weight behind this thing. Eventually we'll have something we can just throw up here on Nexus as our standing argument. Maybe we need (yes, yet another!) group to get started here? Let's get organized! What do you say?
Consider me in, but keep in mind that I'm trying to write my own manifesto (so to speak) to organize my thoughts independently of others.  I'll be involved in discussions, but truly, as far as compiling the issues into a cogent document, at least in my own regard I'll be tackling that on my own.  A group to address the issues for the document?  Maybe, but such a limited pool of ideas (people agreeing mostly) won't test them as much as the open waters~ even if I have to swat away a couple 'sharks.'  I'll let you take the lead on actualizing whatever idea you're having here, but consider me close behind you.
on a slightly less related note, on of the undertaking's I've been considering is developing a new language (I already tried once, didn't turn out too bad) based on simplified thought structures; where letters (in this case the english alphabet) are assigned core thoughts or concepts, which are then combined to create more descriptive words or thoughts.  This would shorten sentence structure by being able to encapsulate large concepts within entire words, instead of using arbitrary words (multiple consonants and vowels to create one thought).  If anyone is interested in that, I'm more than willing to hear ideas~


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