Would it be too demanding from the US citizens here on A|N, at least those who post in non-localized groups, to avoid starting discussions on general topics, and then write things like our government, our Nation, our country, our Constitution, our education system, or our Health and Welfare, without even mentioning they're writing from an US of A perspective first? At first it may be amusing, after a while it becomes boring and offensive. As if US citizens weren't aware there's a world beyond their borders (a common gripe towards Americans).

It's OK to behave like that in the American Atheists or Texas Heathens groups, I think it's not in, eg, the ORIGINS group or the main forum. I'm well aware that most of its members are from the USA, but isn't A|N an international community?

Pardon the rant, but I've been around for only a few months, and I've seen this happen at least half a dozen times already. I thought it had to be reported.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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I have tried to raise some awareness about this issue before. I'm in little ol' NZ and I also get somewhat tried of constantly pointing out that American "Atheist Issues" are not universal "Atheist Issues". Kristy and Felch are doing their best too (and they're Aussies).

However, I think the VAST majority of people on this website are Americans, so I think we're gonna have to just suck it up :(
Gawd, are we, the invisible minorities of A|N, supposed to surrender to the tyranny of the majority?

Hey, doesn't that sound familiar? ;-)
Trying to get Americans to think that a world outside exists is like pushing diarhhoea uphill with a toothpick. Give up. I have. Jingoism is drilled into them from childhood. Asking them to change is the same as asking them to stop breathing. It can't and won't happen. It's conditioned into the psyche. There are 2 timezones (left and right), it always snows at crassmass and Foster's is what Australians drink. It is carved in granite. That's the way things were, are and forevermore will be.
... is like pushing diarhhoea uphill with a toothpick. Give up. I have. Jingoism ...

Well, Jingo would reply that it's easy for you down-unders to have diarrhoea going uphill. Just let the gravity do what it does best.
Reminded me of this -

Saying that "All Americans" are unable to look beyond our borders is like saying "All Australians" look like Crocodile Dundee. There are those of us that take a world view.
Is Atheist Nexus a city in the United States? Actually it is, somewhere around Atlanta, Georgia. That doesn't mean it isn't elsewhere too, of course, but since it began here, one would think it incumbant upon non-American members to say so.
USA Jingoist Headquarters:

OUCH! that's loud.
Why aren't you standing at attention and saluting it? Commie!
Daniel: It would be really cool to have a map displaying the membership.

Yes, we used to have a world map you could stick a pin in linking your profile. It was really cool. Then it vanished - to be "back soon". That was close to a year ago. Everyone wants one. I've asked repeatedly. Maybe if you stick a post in the forum and ask people to just register a "yes I want one" vote in the comments, it might get bumped up the to-do list (I'd do it, but I cause enough grief as it is).
I don't think it's possible anymore. It had to do with Ning and some third party developer that is no longer around. Regardless, that functionality has been removed from all Ning sites. I don't know if it will be coming back any time in the near future.




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