Would it be too demanding from the US citizens here on A|N, at least those who post in non-localized groups, to avoid starting discussions on general topics, and then write things like our government, our Nation, our country, our Constitution, our education system, or our Health and Welfare, without even mentioning they're writing from an US of A perspective first? At first it may be amusing, after a while it becomes boring and offensive. As if US citizens weren't aware there's a world beyond their borders (a common gripe towards Americans).

It's OK to behave like that in the American Atheists or Texas Heathens groups, I think it's not in, eg, the ORIGINS group or the main forum. I'm well aware that most of its members are from the USA, but isn't A|N an international community?

Pardon the rant, but I've been around for only a few months, and I've seen this happen at least half a dozen times already. I thought it had to be reported.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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Oh I know bro and I certainly don't take offense. It would definitely make football more interesting (and fatal) if they didn't where all that stuff. I've heard the average collision in pro football is similar to being in a car accident. You'd be a bad mother if you could play for a whole year without being crippled!
Oh I couldn't agree more Glen. BUt you know there'd still be plenty of guys willing to do it just for the glory let alone for a giant paycheck. Mercenaries risk their lives for a lot less than pro football players and people do daredevil stunts for no compensation at all.
Thanks for the heads up, Jaume! I was completely unaware of the issue and will try to be more sensitive. Ethnocentrism can create blinders even when you try to guard against it. Sucks to be a minority on every front!

For the USA bashers... You might be surprised to find that there are people here in the US with whom you would fit in quite well. We call em bigots!
Terry Pratchetts rule of mob IQ - it is the IQ of the dumbest person in the group divided by the number of people in the mob.

I was not referring to you. I was actually responding to some of the comments made early on in this thread.

Here are a few more definitions:


n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.


n. a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

I am horrified by many of the actions of the US government. I am discouraged and angered by the behaviors and beliefs of many Americans. I am also inspired by the intelligence, open mindedness, and compassion I have found in my circles.

The US is a very big place containing 1000s of subcultures. There are certainly cultural trends and social norms within these subcultures and within the greater culture. But at best, broad generalizations about a group of people contain only elements of truth and are not predictive of individuals within the culture.

I am not offended by the bashing of Americans so much as I am by demonstrations of bigotry in general.
Indeed, with 300+mil Americans, it's statistically unlikely that we all suck. I wouldn't take any offense to someone saying that 150 million americans suck- I could stand behind an estimate like that. ;)
Well, pretty much by definition, half suck and the other half blow, if a vacuum cleaner is any indication. I just can't figure out why both suck and blow mean "bad".
Again, good point. Same reason you drive in a parkway I suppose.
David: it's statistically unlikely that we all suck. I wouldn't take any offense to someone saying that 150 million americans suck

I don't think this has anything to do with individuals. Notice that people who say "Americans sucks" would never say (I think) things like "the (average) American sucks." More often than not, generalities like these are about patterns of collective thinking that don't always translate at the individual level.
LMAO, like most anyone could afford one. We are an expensive breed!
And I apologize if anyone took my comments seriously- I'm an American who basically makes light of everything.
Larry: seems the booble says the reverse can't be true... I wonder why?



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