Would it be too demanding from the US citizens here on A|N, at least those who post in non-localized groups, to avoid starting discussions on general topics, and then write things like our government, our Nation, our country, our Constitution, our education system, or our Health and Welfare, without even mentioning they're writing from an US of A perspective first? At first it may be amusing, after a while it becomes boring and offensive. As if US citizens weren't aware there's a world beyond their borders (a common gripe towards Americans).

It's OK to behave like that in the American Atheists or Texas Heathens groups, I think it's not in, eg, the ORIGINS group or the main forum. I'm well aware that most of its members are from the USA, but isn't A|N an international community?

Pardon the rant, but I've been around for only a few months, and I've seen this happen at least half a dozen times already. I thought it had to be reported.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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...of course, you`re right, but I´ve been a bit in a hurry, plus rather emotional on this theme, so a few mistakes slipped by, as usually I don´t doublecheck my postings. As for the kangaroos, I guess, logos on sneakers and a few living ones in a zoological garden won´t count, and it´s a common phrase here in Austria (many englishspeaking people confound my country with Australia, not only "Americans", which is, I´d like to state, on the opposite side of the globe...).

And I´ve to concur with @Larry, empires do act this way, but every empire in history has fallen till yet...so I refer to my former post, States government has to change it´s behaviour (I think of O`Bama as a good first step), or sooner or later this will happen to the States too (as it happend to the SSSR and the Soviet block before)...not on the power of weapons, but (I guess) on economical and sozio-political reasons. I´m curious to see, whoever would step in: the EC, China, or India ? Or maybe an alliance of 3rd-world-countries (expecting this one for a long time, seems to unfold by now slowly) ?
LMAO, I can feel you on this one. I'm from the state of Iowa, known for growing corn. But there's a state to the west called Idaho that is known for growing potatos. Somehow my fellow American continuously confuse these places. Geography anyone?
Of course in your country's case it's more like "History anyone?" I seem to remember a teacher mentioning Austria in a few of our 12 WWII lessons... lol
Well, I've long thought Iowa and Ohio should just merge into Ohiowa. I suppose we could graft on Idaho to get Idahiowa. That would seem to include Hawaii and Washington, or at least their postal codes, so there's five. I'm not sure we'd all agree to the loss of eight senators in the bargain, however.

And it's not the fault of geography-challenged USAmericans that Australia was once the colony of the wrong empire. If the Austrohungarians had shown a little more hustle, Australia's name would have made sense. Or perhaps it would have been called Hungralia. Either way, Austria today would be home to a lot more kangaroos, and host to a lot fewer confused tourists.
...sorry, but I can´t get the point ?!?

As for wwII, we did participate, though as part of the so called "3rd Reich", Austria was the first of the invaded and occupied countries, and a lot of Austrian citizens were happy about - nothing to be proud of, I fear.

But I really can´t imagine, what´s the meaning of the "Austro-Hungarian" annotation or how it would interfere with the confusion of the countries names ? Austria is a stand-alone nation since 1918, and former heartpiece of the Habsburgian "Österreich-Ungarn" monarchy. As you see, we call it "Österreich", so there´s no way to mix up with "Australien", those two only sound similar in your funny little language :-))....If you would call names of countries and cities by the way their inhabitants do, there would be a lot less confusion (most Austrian people don´t do so, though)..., I guess, that´s a kind of courtesy, people can demand from a foreigner and deserve it, and besides it would help a lot to stop confusions.

But for me, as long as you don´t adress me as "kiwi, Crocodile Dundee" or alike, I won´t mind...;-)
Kiwis don't mind being called kiwis though! We just don't like being called Australians.
Sorry, Klaus, I was just kidding around, but I think I was being too obtuse. I know Austria and Australia come from different sources entirely. I was just thinking if the Austro-Hungarian Empire had colonized Australia instead of the British Empire, it would at least have been a real connection between the two, instead of the imaginary connection that some people make.
...but, dear @Larry, you definitely are - so says geographical education...:-)...same belongs to Brazilians, Mexicans and other too...



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