Would it be too demanding from the US citizens here on A|N, at least those who post in non-localized groups, to avoid starting discussions on general topics, and then write things like our government, our Nation, our country, our Constitution, our education system, or our Health and Welfare, without even mentioning they're writing from an US of A perspective first? At first it may be amusing, after a while it becomes boring and offensive. As if US citizens weren't aware there's a world beyond their borders (a common gripe towards Americans).

It's OK to behave like that in the American Atheists or Texas Heathens groups, I think it's not in, eg, the ORIGINS group or the main forum. I'm well aware that most of its members are from the USA, but isn't A|N an international community?

Pardon the rant, but I've been around for only a few months, and I've seen this happen at least half a dozen times already. I thought it had to be reported.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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Sorry, Klaus, I was just kidding around, but I think I was being too obtuse. I know Austria and Australia come from different sources entirely. I was just thinking if the Austro-Hungarian Empire had colonized Australia instead of the British Empire, it would at least have been a real connection between the two, instead of the imaginary connection that some people make.
...but, dear @Larry, you definitely are - so says geographical education...:-)...same belongs to Brazilians, Mexicans and other too...


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