Would it be too demanding from the US citizens here on A|N, at least those who post in non-localized groups, to avoid starting discussions on general topics, and then write things like our government, our Nation, our country, our Constitution, our education system, or our Health and Welfare, without even mentioning they're writing from an US of A perspective first? At first it may be amusing, after a while it becomes boring and offensive. As if US citizens weren't aware there's a world beyond their borders (a common gripe towards Americans).

It's OK to behave like that in the American Atheists or Texas Heathens groups, I think it's not in, eg, the ORIGINS group or the main forum. I'm well aware that most of its members are from the USA, but isn't A|N an international community?

Pardon the rant, but I've been around for only a few months, and I've seen this happen at least half a dozen times already. I thought it had to be reported.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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I don't like rugby, but it's the only thing we reliably kick butt in that people still care about.

What about tattoos? You've got the most beautiful tattoo culture on the whole planet!
Moko are wonderful, yes.
Rugby is probably the most awesome full contact sport - Minimal stoppage time is one of the foundations of it, so if Americans, used to Gridiron watch it, they're surprised at how fast and flowing the game is.
Stoppage. That's what completely kills Gridiron for me. I guess it's a side-effect of consumer culture (it's handy for airing a TV ad or two every minute).
Oh, no. Stoppage is when you run instant replays and explain the oddities of the rulebook to the fans. Absolutely essential. Plus, you can zip into the kitchen to grab a fresh beer without missing anything.
Why do the fans need the rules explained to them?
Because the rules are so freakin' complicated. Not for the bulk of the game, obviously, but every once in a while you'll have some weird "too many receivers downfield" violation or something. It's probably mostly the beer and commercials thing, really, but the instant replays are nice, since you can't watch all 22 players all the time.
See, now this is where I get confused. Why are you watching all 22 players? Surely the only players that matter are the one that has the ball, and the ones that are trying to jump on him?
I actually find the rules of gridiron to be quite simple - don't smash the passer or the kicker, you have 5 eligible forward pass receivers etc.
No way! I'll do my best to avoid it so you can feel the pain too! Yup :^)
Well I was going to just say that I'll try to point out my US citizenship before I start bitching but now I also have to say the following about sports:
Yes American football is a little boring but the players are not weak because they wear "body armor." Their only real weakness is conditioning.
Rugby isn't really much better (Sorry Mel, I still love ya Mate. btw, we watch all 22 players because they are each executing their part of a play. It's a lot like soldiers on a battlefield if that makes sense.).
Futbol (we call it Soccar in America) takes a lot more skill and athleticism than both Football and Rugby combined.
The best full contact sport in the world is Mixed Martial Arts.

Anyway, I'll really try to point out that I'm an American particularly when speaking of church and state issues.
I'm just teasing about the body armour :D
It just amuses me that here are young men who are like "Yup, yup, I'm off to play by big MAN'S GAME thats all about taking hits for the team, and here is my 50 pounds of body armour!"




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