(note: I normally don't read anything from sources as mind-numbing as USA Today, but I just could not resist this title -- how could I give in to a title...)

Ok, what the fuck?

So the LDS has been doing this for a while, taking dead people and posthumously baptizing them into the Mormon faith. There was a big ruckus about this when they were doing it to Jews who died in the Holocaust.

PZ Myers, my favorite person ever, has taken it upon himself to make all members of the LDS church posthumously gay. I'm all for it.

Now, just to put all my cards on the table here, I don't really care about this. I don't really care that they took Obama's mother, a non-believer, and made her a Mormon obviously without her consent and most probably without the consent of Obama himself -- I fully expect they'll be posthumously converting his dead grandmother in due order -- I also fully expect them to posthumously convert me after I die unless the whole Mormon institution collapses under it's incestuous/cross-marrying weight between now and the time I say I my last goodbye.

Apparently there are some rules, like you can't convert a person without their or their family's consent, but that hasn't stopped some overzealous cretins from doing it anyway and that hasn't stopped these unsolicited conversions from counting according to their faith. It seems like there's some kind of investigation going on as though it mattered at all.

As I said, I don't care. I know with a fair degree of certainty that souls don't exist, I know they're not converting anything, I know they're making up stupid shit and doing stupid shit with it -- a kind of doubly stupid shit complex.

My problem isn't that they're doing posthumously converting people, my problem is that they believe it means anything. They believe that a person, their individual merits withholding, should be allowed into their heaven. Now, I don't mean to say that everyone who died in the Holocaust was a bad person, but it's not unreasonable to assume that there were at least some people who died in that for whom I would want a hell to exist; to think that, should a heaven exist, they would be allowed into it because some Mormon baptized him after his or her death without his or her knowing, asking, or consent is rather insulting.

Also, Joseph Smith was gay.

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I have to agree that while it's all superstitious BS, it seems somehow dishonoring of the dead to posthumously change them into something they never wanted.

I've left express instructions to my family not to give me a Christian funeral. Some have complained that it's not up to me - the funeral is for the living, not for the person who died. Meanwhile, one of my nieces and I have made a pact that whichever of us goes first, the other will ensure a heathen, very non-Christian funeral.
That's the same as the catholic doctorine. You are baptized catholic, therefore you will be buried as a catholic. There's NO choice in the matter and you are FORBIDDEN to take your name off the register.
And only the Church can revoke your Catholicness.
That's my understanding...


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