Recent surveys suggest that the westernized nations are steadily becoming more secular, good news for most of us. On the other hand, third word nations are seeing a rise in theism. Unfortunately I have not seen direct demographics as to what religions are spreading the most. I have seen some references that seem to indicate that Islam is the current fastest growing religion. Evidently third world nations are outpacing population growth over westernized nations. So like it or not, theism world wide is in fact growing. Christianity certainly dominates Islam in western nations. The greatest, less educated populations are evidently dominated by Islam. So if this is indeed the trend, then should we expect Islam to become a more dominant religion than Christianity has ever been? With the education level of first world countries, should we expect to see a steady decline in Christianity and a powerful increase in an Islamic influence throughout the world?

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The Pew Report matches my predictions; or is it the other way around? In any event, the next and future generations have massive changes facing them. 

Permaculture is capable of rebuilding dead soils caused by plowing and using chemicals that kill microorganisms in the soils. Farmers can restore soils ... IF there are water and enlightened techniques used. 

Coastal food production areas destroyed by flooding creates demand for more agricultural land.    Farmers from America's coastal areas will move up the rivers and streams.

Refugees of many nations and all religions will be flooding our agricultural areas. If they come and repeat the mistakes that past farmers made, they will deplete the soil. When I ride through the farmlands of northeast Washington state, I see many farmers who continue to leave their lands bare to the elements of wind and water. If refugees also make that mistake, our fertile top soils will be blown or washed away even faster than it already is.

Who will claim to own the land and water?  

Daniel, I agree that "I'm not going to worry too much about it.  There's no way to predict, and who knows what will happen?" However, I can encourage people to grow food for their families using enlightened methods. 

Is it not interesting that modern farming techniques come from those methods employed by farmers centuries ago and the art and science of those ancient peoples return to modern agriculture?!

Just ask Lindsy Lohan.



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