Is commenting on a discussion, turn into an offensive posting?

My comment on Andrew's posting. What Andrew wrote is in blue & my response is in black.


Hey Andrew.

I dislike having to respond to your issues, but my brain just starts screaming at me to, so this is the last I shall deal with these issues. Facts that are true, do not have need or have room for blind-faith.

I am sorry to see that some folks cannot handle the idea that some of us choose (as is our right) to believe whatever we want to believe.

That no point did I express my will that you could not believe in fairies, unicorns, Jesus, UFOs, God, Lepricons, aliens, or whatever make believe or magical figures you want to believe in, but that is also no proof that they exist, that would be my point, if I has making one.

That is one of our reasonable expectations under the constitution.

The Constitution does not apply to you, as it is an agreement between the Federal government & the states, to spell out what each can & can't do, so at most it only indirectly affects you. BUT, for the record, I do recognize you have the freedom of speech.

I am so glad that this guy has no position of power, because he would do everything he could to squelch those rights.

Please do not lie or presume I would violate the Common Law of do not harm my neighbour, do not damage my neighbour's property & do not use fraud in my contracts.

Be it that I was King of the World or the janitor for the world, I would not interfere with your rights to believe imaginary or childish things - no matter how 'silly'. BUT, you do not have a right to not be offended and if you believe in silly things, be prepared to be called out on it and called 'silly'.

I believe in live and let live.

This is a nice saying, but it is never true. The Jews of the world had this position in 1930s, then a Catholic worshipping man, who made a decision based on his religion that the Jews held no worth and his followers concluded the need for extermination of said Jews.

I may not partake for your type of worship. (ie: satanism, paganism, evolution, etc.)

This is where my brain screamed 'stupid silly' - evolution, really EVOLUTION, as which is a world wide accepted fact, along with being a Modern Evolutionary Theory.

Scientific facts cannot be worshiped, when it is a fact, this would be compared to not believing the colour 'blue' is factually blue because you don't like the colour 'blue', but I would more likely presume you didn't or haven't investigated the matter of evolution. A really pity and shame, this is part of the harm you will inflict because you will pass on your ignorance to others, especially young & impressionable minds.

But let me practice my faith as long as I am not hurting anyone.

By you believing in things on blind-faith and without factually evidence, the question is would you do harm if your beliefs dictated you do? And don't forget the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition - YES, the same Inquisition that burnt to the stake - a (100) Protestants for -- wait for it -- not being Christian enough, these Protestants were hurt by those of faith.

I don't protest when others wish each other well in their religions.  

I don't protest, as I accepted your Merry Christmas and then you started throwing around the 'Father in Heaven', 'Almighty', Saviour', 'God', etc. If you added 'Ra', 'Oden', 'Thor', 'Allah', 'Buddha', etc. and the rest of the fictional Gods, fine, but you didn't because you were preaching from one religious viewpoint.

For the record, had you wrote:

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

God Bless

Fine, even if you finished with God Bless, but then you got on your soap box & started preaching, that is that I had issue with.

I guess some can't stand letting others live their lives in freedom.  It is just too intolerable.

When you got on your soap box & started preaching, that is that I had issue with, of which you are free to do and I didn't at any point state you couldn't, but that doesn't mean you get a free pass because you threw the 'its my religion card' into the conversation.

Being intolerable is getting upset with some else who exercises his freedom of speech, to comment back. Talk about a double standard in the Davis household, of which must be 'do as I say & not as I do' - funny, just to silly too.

Sad,  because that is the stuff that holocausts are made of.... at least in the beginning...

YES, you are absolutely correct - Catholic & the Christian as a whole, coupled with blind-faith and ignorance, have lend to holocausts, be it the Crusades, Witch Burnings and the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazi Holocaust.

Let religion reign and mass death will always follow, as religion is based on (3) principles - Control, Obedience and Conformity.

You want me to follow religious DEATH DEALERS, never!!

Just my humble opinion...

YES, just your opinion, that is why I prefer to use facts as evidence, less guessing or blind-faith required.

Just my facts as evidence...

Sorry to cause such a controversy...

Sorry for the true and factual evidence, as there is no controversy, just a need for a limit on the preaching...

So, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

And let friend & family enter your hearts.

Also, keep logic & reason in your minds.

By: Jason

"Freedoms, especially of speech, can only be achieved, if some other man can speak back."                                                                                                       ~ me

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